Do you fuck-up your website, making it fail financially?

By Ricco Mortensen, 1’st of February 2017.


Before Christmas my team and I were working on creating some additional physical online marketing courses in Barcelona, in addition to our Business Bootcamp for entrepreneurs. But for some reason it just didn’t feel right.

I did some brainstorming with my team, looking into some of my previous ideas that for various reasons were never fully completed and brought to life. And yes, there are quite a few good ideas waiting…

One of the concepts from my idea box was a website review, which I developed for a few selected clients a year ago.

A website review is a complete service check, insuring that the best practices for your website are utilized.

The main goal is to maximize the effect of what you want your customer to do – e.g. purchase your product or sign up for your newsletter.

It’s like a complete overhaul of a car. Anything and everything is checked out – from something as simple as broken links, to things that Google sees as bad, from optimal search engine optimization, to how web page previews look on social media sharing, from approaches to copywriting, to friction in the visual, load time, and much more.

So many entrepreneurs fuck up!

The reason I want to focus on a website review over the next several weeks is that I often see many entrepreneurs and companies making huge sales-killing mistakes on their website. I see it every single day and even with large professional companies.

Far too often, I see online entrepreneurs fail. This is heartbreaking for me, and I truly want to change this!

It’s one of the many reasons I started the non-profit foundation for entrepreneurs in the first place.

Even though I’m an expert in online business and entrepreneurship, no single person has all the skills and abilities to create a proper website review (in my honest opinion).

I wanted the best skilled people to ensure the completion of a superb and professional website review – done by a team of experts.

Many commercial companies offer either a free or very cheap website review. But too often, their only reason is to sell you their own products or services later. That’s a bit misleading, isn’t it?

What we do at the foundation, is give you, the entrepreneur, honest guidance and education. My team and I are not here to sell you any specific services or products.

Bringing the best of the best skilled people together

I hooked up with the most skilled people I know, including my copywriter and text writer, my graphic designer, my website geek, and my SEO nerd – and myself, of course!

I took all my knowledge, plus tips and tricks given from my many lectures, speaking appearances and consulting sessions. I then put them into one great checklist.

It includes everything that needs to be in order for a website to be a great money maker.

And boy did it take me a long time to complete that checklist! After doing so, I had my team of experts add even more great ideas, and now the checklist includes more than 150 checkpoints.

That’s what I’ve been working on for the past several weeks. It’s the reason I haven’t sent out any email newsletters or blogs lately.

We have built three different website review packages – the smallest includes the website review itself, with a very affordable price which any online entrepreneur can afford.

The medium package ads a special custom made webpage written by a copywriter, a design created by the graphic designer – all set up right technically and with solid SEO. Everything is made to ensure you the most conversions (making money or signups!).

The final and largest package includes time for you to use our team to fix errors, have additional graphic work done, and even having super copywriting texts written.

Probably the best part is that all packages include a one hour examination of the report, and an educational session with one of our experts.

When my schedule allows, I even take some of the client sessions myself. Both my team and I truly love giving honest and valuable feedback.

If you got no money

If you don’t have the money for us to do a website review – don’t’ worry! Over the next few weeks I’ll take a few points from the checklist and explain it in more detail.

Some of them you will properly be able to fix yourself absolutely free while others can be somewhat complex – where you might need assistance from someone.

We would love to give every single entrepreneur a website review free of charge – they surely need it! This is tough because the foundation’s operation is purely funded by donations and by the educational activities the foundation offers entrepreneurs.

Until we receive a big check from someone (we’re actually working on that!), our experts of course need to get paid and we have to charge you for their valuable time.

If you don’t want to waste more time not making the most money from your website or don’t’ want to bother doing the huge work yourself, then you should take a look at the different website review packages.

I guarantee you – you’ll get quite the wake up call when you see your website review report made by this team of experts.

Have a look at the website review concept and let me know what you think by writing down your thoughts and comments.

All the best

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