Are you one of these three entrepreneurial types?

After a half year break, my course for digital entrepreneurs is now back in a new optimised edition.

The first seats are reserved, but fortunately, I still have available seats.

There are three types of entrepreneurs that are ideal participants for the course…

And yep – this is the view from the terrace where you will enjoy a drink during the breaks.

Or you can just walk down to the beach to let your feet cool off in the sea.

Oh well, back to the entrepreneurial types:

Entrepreneurial type 1:
You have just started as an entrepreneur, you feel insecure about what to do and how to design your entrepreneurial life and your digital marketing strategy. You want to change that and it should be right now.

Entrepreneurial type 2:
You are an entrepreneur already having an online presence, but you don’t really have an actual strategy. You try a few things yourself – and hope it works. You don’t get to do something about it so often. Now you want your business soar to new heights generating more money to your bank account.

Entrepreneurial type 3:
You’re giving it maximum speed with your digital marketing and believe you are doing all the right things. However, you can see that your conversion rates are lower than you would like them to be. Your sales are not at the level you want it to be (hint: you’re not doing everything just right).

If you can recognize yourself in one of the three entrepreneurial types – then I hope to see you at one of the classes.

The course runs over a week with four intensive teaching days.

Teaching takes place in the sunny and warm climate just outside Larnaca in Cyprus. You will be taught from my private luxury beachfront villa – located just 10 minutes drive from the airport.

You can secure your seat now – and pay in instalments if this fits your budget better.

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P.S. You may scroll up to look at the picture just one more time… and perhaps just dream away, just for a moment.

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