Crowdfunding campaign: Why am I better than the bank?

I know making financial decisions can be tough sometimes. We’ve all been there.

Knowing where to invest your money and being confident in your return, is so important.

There are times when we are uncertain, and we need to be given that support to ensure we feel safe and secure when making investments. 

This is why I made investing in the foundation, as seamless as possible. 

The foundation was built to teach digital skills, to equip those who seek the knowledge with the tools to implement their ideas and bring them to reality!

Raising investment can be a huge part of any entrepreneurial venture.

We all need capital and cash flow to give our businesses the freedom to experiment and create freely.

This is why I am raising investment for the foundation because, like any business, the foundation needs to grow, to serve more people and make a bigger impact.

Have you ever thought about talking to the bank to get investment?

Oh, the process is not fun. Banks can be bureaucratic with a lot of red tape, we as entrepreneurs need to have flexibility with our finance.

This is why I chose to crowdfund this new centre for learning.

Did you know that crowdfunding is the number 1 alternative source of financing for a business, globally?

The crowdfunding industry is projected to grow to over $300 billion by 2025.

The reason being, that crowdfunding gets stakeholders involved in the fundraising process, it is the best way to crowdsource finance for any project.

I do this because I want you to be involved in this investment journey with me and the foundation.

I want you to not only be making an investment that will give¬†your ‚ā¨2.000 investment back, as well as the seat on the digital entrepreneurship course (worth ‚ā¨1.000) –¬†but also makes you feel part of¬†something bigger.

I promise, that you will receive monthly updates and progress reports on your investment.

I will be sending pictures and video to keep you updated and to make you feel close to your capital.

So, tell me this isn’t the best investment you’re going to make this year?

The most secure, highest returning, confidence-building investment, that you may ever do.

Sign me up here, and let me be part of this impactful project

If you have any questions, please reach out by sending an email to [email protected] or by giving me a call on +356 20341715.