Crowdfunding campaign: A week trip to an exotic island

Let’s say you have decided to invest in the foundations’ new centre for learning in Valletta, the capital of Malta.

You will then be gifted with my exclusive 4-day digital entrepreneurship programme in Malta.

I am sure you are very curious as to what the programme will look and feel like once you made the trip over to the world’s smallest capital.

Well, let me tell you more about the experience you will be having. It may seem like a fantasy at first, but I promise it will be for real!

As you are able to choose any date for doing the 4-day programme, you may wait until the new centre for learning is up and running.

If you do wait, you will be given the most exquisite experience and be able to enjoy the new centre first hand.

My team here in Valletta will be working hard to build a beautiful and well-equipped learning space for you.

Once you arrive in sunny Malta, my assistant will help you to get escorted to your accommodation.

I have built some great relationships with hotels, so I can direct you in the right way.

Of course, if you would like to get an Airbnb there is an adventurous array of different options. 

A quick overview of the course schedule:

You will probably be landing on Malta if you fly in from abroad.

Your day 1, you will be exploring digital strategies and learning more about the digital nomad lifestyle.

We dive in with website building in WordPress, so you can learn the fundamentals of the digital world.

We will have a self-study day, where we as a group will organise a digital nomad trip exploring the island and visit some of the most beautiful sites. Depending on the season, we may choose to take a trip to the beautiful blue lagoons for a swim

It’s time to be looking at email marketing, so you can get a grip on ways to communicate with your customers on autopilot and make sales!

You’ll have another self-study day with an optional group walk of the historic streets of Valletta.

Finally, we’ll touch the world of online advertising by exploring FacebookInstagram and Google Ads.

You are then welcome to fly back home (unless you live in Malta, of course), rejuvenated from your digital entrepreneurship experience. Or perhaps stay a couple of more days to relax – perhaps get a massage or two? ;)

By this point, your mind will be bursting with ideas, inspiration and insight!

As each day is from 09:00 to 16:00, you can spend your evenings, resting, reflecting and enjoy the sea and sunny skies of Malta.
Lastly, one of the greatest aspects of this trip will be the people you meet.

I know surrounding yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs is a recipe for success, and this is what the academy is all about.

Bringing those people together.

So, I hope you are intrigued and excited.

I told you, the process of help building the new teaching space is simple…

You loan €2.000 interest-free to the foundation and you’ll get all your money back after 18 months plus you get a free seat (value €1.000) – it really is a great deal.

Sign me up here, and let me be part of this impactful project

P.S. If you prefer simply to join the course normally by paying the €1.000 tuition fee, then click here and book your seat.

If you have any questions, please reach out by sending an email to [email protected] or by giving me a call on +356 20341715.