Business Bootcamp for Digital Entrepreneurs

Invest in two days and see your business soar to new heights. An intensive Business Bootcamp only for 12 ambitious digital entrepreneurs.

At the 5-star Almyra Hotel | Pafos, Cyprus


Design your entrepreneurial life, have more time and make more money

At the Ricco Mortensen Foundation’s two-day Business Bootcamp you’ll learn how you can, once and for all, get the lowest company tax rate possible, outsource your life to the right people and secure a well driven business with the best online strategy that makes (a lot of) money. Is it hard? No. Does it work for you? Yes!

Are you?

A beginning entrepreneur with no clue where to start.
Already an established entrepreneur who wants to make more money.

And are you in doubt about:

How to build a simple and effective company and tax structure with just a small tax percentage taken from your profits – all in tax compliance with the European Union with a binding ruling. This is your 100% guarantee that everything is in order and by the book.
How to run your business in a more cost effective way, by outsourcing the things you don’t have the time for or are not good at to the right people.
How to plan your digital strategy for all  online activities – including your website, social media e.g. Facebook and LinkedIn, email marketing and online advertisements.
How to promote your business online so that it actually works and how to get each online media platform to work together while effectively measuring their success.
How to do everything in the right order, knowing how to do things right the first time, so that your time and money is invested in the best way possible.

Can you say yes to just one of the questions above? If so, then the Business Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs is for you.

It’s designed to give you a complete overview on how to organise your financial life, outsource it to the right people, and successfully run your online business while realizing all your life dreams and goals.

With the right long term company structure and online business strategy you’ll learn exactly how to make (a lot of) money from your business – in the most effective way possible.

This is what former participants have said

The Business Bootcamp is without a doubt the best 2-day course I have ever participated in. It’s incredible how much content Ricco has put into the program, and in such a clear and understandable way! Ricco is a true expert in this area and delivers much more than his website promises – in his unique caring and considerate way.

If you are currently in need of clarity and expertise regarding your business and its layout, then this course has EVERYTHING you need – from company start-up to the point where every aspect of your business is working together perfectly.

If you have the small amount of money it costs, then use it on THIS! You won’t regret it. It’s the perfect course, because you get a lot of useful knowledge – all updated and functional in the current market – in just 2 DAYS! And then you can begin. I am completely blown away by everything we’ve learned in this 2-day Business Bootcamp.

I give Ricco my warmest recommendations.

Mikkel Johansson

The Business Bootcamp is an excellent concept.

I have learned so much in terms of who my web shop should target, and what I should do to ensure its success.

It’s obvious that Ricco knows what he’s talking about. He’s very passionate about his job, and by the end of the first day, you leave feeling great.

It’s also cool because you get to build a network with all the other participants who are in the same boat as you. You get feedback from the others too, which really helps.

You also realise that you can’t do everything yourself. You learn what needs to be outsourced and to whom.

So if you’re a relatively new entrepreneur and you need your web shop to succeed, then make sure you sign up for the Business Bootcamp – it’s worth everything… and will give your business that extra push.

Rikke Stockmann

Once you have completed the business bootcamp you will be able to:

Design your entrepreneurial life with a financial overview that transforms your dreams into realistic goals – both personally and professionally.
Plan your effective, flexible and scalable company structure with as little risk as possible.
Define and design your target audience through personas, your niche, and how to segment your communication on social media and other online platforms.
Clearly prioritise and choose the online strategy and social media platforms that are right for you – both personally and professionally.
Go home with an active plan and prioritised to-do list, which has been specially designed for you and your business, showing you exactly where to start.

You will learn:

How to build concepts and brands and even how to make use of international tax treaties to bring down the tax on your profit.
How to outsource the tasks you don’t know how to do to the best people, so that you can focus on the things you love and do best.
How to prioritise and choose the right online marketing activities that you need to use in your business in order to create an executable plan.

The Business Bootcamp consists of two lecture days

Day 1

How to design your entrepreneurial life by outsourcing what you need to outsource.
How to transform your dreams into long-term, structured, operational and manageable plans.
How to live your life to the fullest, without simply ‘getting by,’ and having the tools and actionable steps with which to do so.
Get the complete picture on how to purchase a house in such a way that is smarter and cheaper than most people know how to do, while also learning how to save and invest all of your hard earned money completely tax- free.
Learn what people often do wrong and what not to do (tax fraud), and how to do it perfectly – with the approval of the European Union (tax optimisation).
Learn valuable insights into how countries and the European Union work with double tax treaties between countries, registration of trademarks and brands, as well as franchise and royalty concepts. This is all information that makes it possible to dramatically reduce your tax payments.
Ricco will be using you and your peers’ actual  projects to show you how you can structure your business in the most effective way, while also showing you how to reach all your goals in the quickest and simplest way.

Day 2

In designing your future entrepreneurial life, you’ll soon realise that you don’t have to do everything yourself.
Ricco will teach you how to effectively outsource your life as an entrepreneur. You’ll figure out what tasks you need to do yourself – the ones you actually want to do and do best – and what tasks you need to outsource and how to do so.
You will be given all the necessary tools that offer up a complete overview of all tasks involved in running an online business. You will be taught how to prioritise and structure these tasks while also learning how to incorporate them into a great business plan.
The tasks you will learn how to handle include everything from bookkeeping to customer service, from writing copy and content to building a website, from mastering social media strategy and execution to online advertisements – not too mention all the technical stuff and other tasks you’ve probably forgotten even exist.
In outsourcing, you’ll learn what skills and talents people need in order to cope with each type of task. There are vastly different personality profiles you’ll have to use depending on what tasks you need to get done.
Ricco will teach you how to find the right people to do the job right the first time around. You’ll find out that working like this is awesome as the results happen much faster and at a lower total cost – making your entrepreneurial life even freer.

This is how the Business Bootcamp works

Ricco teaches in an informal and straight forward way, where you’re encouraged to speak freely and critically, with curiosity and inquisitiveness.
Whether you’re a beginner or an established and successful entrepreneur, Ricco adjusts his teachings to fit everyone’s needs.
All you have to do is arrive in the morning with your laptop or tablet, where you’ll then be led through the full program, which consists of teaching, explanations, exercises, teamwork and full-service catering.
A few days before the Business Bootcamp, you’ll receive access to a specially closed Facebook group. This is a confidential forum for Ricco and all bootcamp members. The forum is an indispensable network during and especially after the Business Bootcamp.

More testimonials

After 2 days with Ricco I know exactly what I need to focus upon in my online marketing strategy.  I now know how to execute even the hardest tasks at hand.

Ricco provides you with so many tools that make life as an entrepreneur much, much easier. He teaches you how to save several thousand dollars by not making the stupid mistakes so many people make. He also teaches you how to find the right business partners, an added bonus.

I now feel like I’m a 1,000 steps ahead of my competitors after participating in this Business Bootcamp.

Christina Bonita Oliveira

It’s a really great course, and I definitely recommend it if you have or wish to have an online business.

If you want to know how to pay less in taxes, this is also the course for you.

Ricco knows everything there is to know – even down to the tiniest details :-)

Peter Mailund

Could Business Bootcamp be something for you?

Yes, if you want to…

Minimise your company taxes by using models that have been developed by professional tax lawyers in cooperation with the Ricco Mortensen Foundation – all approved by your local tax authorities and even the EU.
Reduce your personal taxes as much as possible by transferring money from your company’s profits to your own private account.
Learn fascinating financial tips that will save you a lot of money.
Get a clear picture of your company’s many international opportunities while learning how to get the most out of these opportunities.
Develop your own complete online and social media strategy with effective communication, so that you target the right clients at the right time.
Learn how to monitor the results of your online marketing activities to see if you’re truly reaching all your financial goals.
Have more time during the week for leisure or family life, by outsourcing various tasks. This will save you loads of time and money.
Spend time with Ricco and other ambitious entrepreneurs who will inspire you to think big. Receive invaluable feedback on your own project while also building an indispensable network.

Are you ready to finally learn how to build an effective company structure, outsource your life and run a business where you earn (a lot) of money?

Who is your teacher?

Your teacher at this Business Bootcamp is Ricco Mortensen. He’s an expert in online business and entrepreneurship and also an often used speaker and author. Ricco is the Chairman of the Board at the Ricco Mortensen Foundation as well as headmaster at the School of Digital Entrepreneurship in Paphos, Cyprus.

Ricco has for several years acted as headteacher in online marketing at Denmark’s largest university college of applied science VIA University College, and advised international entrepreneurs for over two decades.

Thousands of people have witnessed Ricco’s teachings – learning how to successfully run a business, which includes the setup of companies, tax optimisation, website creation, search engine optimisation, social media strategies, email marketing, online advertising, user behaviour, conversion optimisation, outsourcing, payment solutions, and clever ways to do anything and everything imaginable.

The main focus of the Business Bootcamp is to teach you how to design your own cool entrepreneur life, to gain success from your online strategies and earn (a lot) of money in the process.

Business Bootcamp - Ricco Mortensen Foundation

How to get started

Book your seat here on the website. You’ll then be contacted as quickly as possible with all of the practical information and course details.
You’re responsible for your own transportation to course facilities and accommodation. It’s highly recommended that you arrive the day before and leave the day after. Simple travel directions and discounted accommodation price for the recommended 5* Almyra hotel will be sent to you as well.
You must be responsible for your own breakfast and evening dinner. Lunch, drinks and snacks are included during the Business Bootcamp.
Remember to bring your own computer or tablet for free internet. Extra cables, plugs and outlets will be available if needed.

The price for the Business Bootcamp

Your investment in the Business Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs with two full course days including all materials, lunches, drinks and snacks, which you will profit from for the rest of your days, costs just €635 VAT free.

This is the equivalent of the price of a relatively good height adjustable table. If you have no idea how to get the most out of your hard earned money, structure your business and online business strategy in the best possible way – then yes, you are going to be sitting at that desk for a long time, without fulfilling all your entrepreneurial dreams and goals.

It’s even worse if you’re sitting there waiting for business solutions to magically appear – because things simply don’t work that way. First you must fully comprehend the models, techniques and methods to ensure your success.

That is what you’ll learn at the Business Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs, after which you can go gleefully home and create the entrepreneurial life you’ve always dreamed of.

Location and timetable

The Business Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs takes place at the 5-star luxury hotel Almyra at the waterfront in Paphos, Cyprus.

10:00 – 13:00: Teaching
13:00 – 14:00: Lunch at the hotel
14:00 – 16:00: More teaching

Teaching language
Materials and teaching are in English.

Please contact us, we have a discount deal with the hotel.

Any questions?
Give us a call at +357 26 030415 (we answer the phone 24/7) or write us an email at

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