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Ricco Mortensen Foundation

Who we are

In essence, the Ricco Mortensen Foundation is an educational organisation dedicated to teaching as many people worldwide how to succeed in becoming online entrepreneurs.

The purpose is to give them a life full of freedom, inspiration and prosperity, while doing meaningful work in the world and having fun in the process.

Who is Ricco Mortensen?

Ricco Mortensen is one of the top European experts in the field of online business and entrepreneurship. Using his wealth of personal and business experiences, he has come up with a unique and innovative approach to teaching others how to become successful online entrepreneurs.

Ricco work as an online business entrepreneur throughout the foundation, giving lectures and educating people across the globe, using his natural technological and business skills, along with a truly heartfelt desire to help others succeed. This is Ricco’s work in the world and he simply love doing it!

Because Ricco’s vision is to reach as many entrepreneurs around the world as he possibly can, he has established the Ricco Mortensen Foundation – a bright team of individuals who work together to support the vision of the organisation and bring it to fruition in the world.

Our International Team of Experts

We are always on the lookout for talented and dedicated individuals to fulfil a variety of roles.

At present, our team consists of a small group of accomplished experts in their given fields working independently from their respective homes across the globe. Our cosmopolitan team works from their homes in Denmark, USA, England, Portugal, the Philippines and in Spain.

We will be recruiting people to support the many exciting projects and activities of the Ricco Mortensen Foundation, which may include teaching, fundraising, search engine optimization, social media management, graphic design, customer service, administration, writing & proofreading, video recording, and much, much more as ideas and projects come to life.

A foundation with a unique cause

Because the foundation aims to reach as many entrepreneurs as possible, all profits earned (after paying its team of employees and admin costs) will be re-invested for the creation of various educational programs, lectures, events, educational products and tools – anything and everything that supports the mission of the foundation.

We would love to hear from you

Open job positions

Instagram content creator
Digital marketing intern

If you feel inspired to become a part of this exciting project, which is intended to live for years and years (even beyond Ricco Mortensen’s lifetime), please consider applying for whatever job is within your realm of passion and know-how.

Write to us at [email protected]. We look much forward to hearing from you!

All the best,
Ricco and the foundation team