Professional Diploma in Digital Entrepreneurship

4-month entrepreneurial and educational programme in Pafos, Cyprus that ensures business success.


Whether you’re just starting your online adventure or have an existing business you want to improve, this is the place where you’ll transform your dreams and ideas into solutions that will get money to your – or your boss’s – bank account.

Hundreds of amazing students have completed the entrepreneurial development programme, and are now living their entrepreneurial dream life or having their dream job. Are you ready to join the ranks of these successful entrepreneurs? This course intends to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality, too.

The Professional Diploma in Digital Entrepreneurship is a proven training concept which is continually adjusted and maintained so that it gets better and better. Things move quickly in this online universe and there is a new thing that pops up every single week.

The hands-on programme modules prepare you to do the analysis and online skills required to launch and commercialise any business.

As a student you are expected to join the programme with an idea for a start-up you would like to pursue, have an existing business or be employed by a company. The Professional Diploma in Digital Entrepreneurship is divided into modules that logically follow your company’s building progression. You should be prepared to work in a highly creative-minded environment that will challenge your skills and perseverance every day.

Here are some quick facts

Programme duration

4 months (one semester)

Start dates

February and September

Teaching language


Entry requirements

Open to everyone

Tuition fee

Payment plan available


Some governments offer to fund the education partly or in full.

Teaching location

Pafos, Cyprus

Explore the programme modules

The Professional Diploma in Digital Entrepreneurship is divided into 10 unique educational and business building modules.

Module 1: Company Formation, Tax Planning, Building teams & outsourcing
Module 2: Digital Strategies, Customer Segmentation and Sales Journeys
Module 3: Storytelling and Copywriting
Module 4: Graphic Design and Video Production
Module 5: Search Engine Optimisation
Module 6: E-commerce Website
Module 7: Email Marketing
Module 8: Social Media Strategy
Module 9: Paid Online Advertising
Module 10: User Behaviour and Conversion Optimisation

What previous students have said

Read what former students say. We have had the pleasure to teach and work with amazing people and here are some of their praises.

The course gives you the image you need in order to gain success on the internet! Great being here, and you learn more than you initially expect.. I have personally saved a lot of money on tools alone..

Ricco has given me invaluable knowledge and fine tuned what I already knew so that I’m bursting with knowledge and ideas on how to succeed as an entrepreneur! Thank you so much – you know your stuff!

I have never participated in a course where I have taken so much valuable knowledge with me. Professional teacher and very interesting material has made weeks of training super exciting.

Meet your industry expert teachers


Ricco Mortensen

Your main teacher is Ricco Mortensen. He is one of Europe’s most esteemed experts in online business and entrepreneurship. Ricco is also a speaker, author, mentor and the Chairman of the Board at the Ricco Mortensen Foundation which is a nonprofit charitable foundation for entrepreneurs.

Ricco teaches a the school’s educational programmes and for several years, has been the head teacher in online marketing at Denmark’s largest university of applied sciences VIA University College, and advised international entrepreneurs for over two decades.

Thousands of people have witnessed Ricco’s unique teachings – learning how to successfully run a business, which includes the setup of companies, tax optimisation, website creation, search engine optimisation, social media strategies, email marketing, online advertising, user behaviour, conversion optimisation, outsourcing, payment solutions, and clever ways to do anything and everything imaginable.

Socrates Parparinos

Socrates Parparinos

A partner lawyer specialising in international tax planning, company formation and how to designing, plan and secure your life and business.


Christian Hoffeldt

An international renowned HR phycologist that will discover your born abilities and clarify the skills you do best along with designing the perfect team matching you.


Milo de Priet Desmond

A short film producer that will teach you the secrets on how to make your story just right, record and edit it and finally publish online.

Is this really something for me?

Still have questions or concerns? Read the FAQ so that you can decide if this entrepreneurial development programme is just right for you.

What is the educational programme about?

It’s a 10 module and 4-month entrepreneurial development and educational programme, where you learn everything you need to know in order to succeed with your business online.

You will attend the school’s teaching facility in Pafos, Cyprus.

What can I use this entrepreneurial educational for?

The purpose of the education is for you to be fully able to master setting up and operating an online business – either your own or your future boss’s company. You will gain all the necessary skills needed and learn the expert tools to achieve success.

This includes everything from company formation and tax planning, management and team building, digital strategies, building a professional website with payment solutions to marketing yourself, social media, email marketing, your services and brand correctly, to the right target audience groups.

When does the education start and end?

The Professional Diploma in Digital Entrepreneurship educational programme runs twice a year with a spring (February) and autumn (September) semester. The first lecture day starts the first Monday of the month, lasting 4 months and ending in the third week of the last month.

What are the entry requirements?

Joining the education requires no prerequisites except for proper English skills equaling a minimum B1 level – meaning, you can understand the main points on familiar matters, can produce simple text on topics, and describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions, and briefly, give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

As the education is at a master level, we expect you to work intensively at a high level during the full programme. Before being accepted to the school you will have a phone or Skype interview, making sure you are ready to join the programme and deciding whether it is the right choice for you.

Can I build a new or optimise an existing a business during the programme?

Absolutely! If you have an already existing business or want to start-up a new entrepreneurial business venture, the answer is yes! The 4 months are specifically designed for you to develop online concepts for any type of business while taking the programme, combining it with intensive learning in expert skills and know-how.

How many modules can I register for?

According to the registration of each of the education modules, there is no registration process. This means that if you are accepted as a student you will be enrolled in all modules of the education.

Each of the 10 modules is tailored and carefully selected in such a way that makes all of them mandatory.

Why are the education modules scheduled the way they are?

Because we know how easy it is to become overwhelmed and lose track, we have intentionally split the education into pieces that come in order – one by one.

The structure of the education has been carefully planned out so that you complete each module in a specific order, with all the accompanying checklists and home assignments. We have designed it this way so that you are guaranteed to receive the maximum benefit and achieve maximum success with your online business.

The timing of each step is essential. You don’t want to make your online ads before your product or service is finished! When each step is in place you will not get information overload, making it easier to complete the development programme the right way.

What do former students say?

Hundreds of students have already gone through the education and given it great reviews. These are confirmations that the entrepreneurial development programme really works.

Is there an online student community?

Yes. Each class will have access to a closed student community that will be used for shared communication with your teachers and fellow students. Here you can ask any questions you might have and get feedback both during and after you complete the programme.

Is there an exam I need to pass?

Yes. In order to pass receive the diploma of Professional Diploma in Digital Entrepreneurship – you will have to write a project report about what you have learned during the educational programme and then pass an exam.

The exam is a 30-minute verbal presentation based on your written assignment. There are no midterms or re-takes except due to illness or special situations where we deem fit.

What are the grading system and votation?

You will either pass or fail based on an overall score of 60/100 points. The overall grade votation consists of 80% exam (written assignment & verbal presentation) and 20% class participation (absence & participation).

Is there a guarantee that the educational programme actually works?

The school’s goal is for you to succeed with your business online, make use of your full potential and live an awesome entrepreneurial life. If you’re employed and creating some super cool things for your company, you’ll learn how to create even more success.

That is why you can join the first two weeks and if you feel that we’re not offering you all we have promised, then we will pay you back.

In return, we require that you complete the tasks which accompany the lessons so that we can be sure you have actually made an effort! We’ll ask you exactly what’s not working for you so that we can learn and improve ourselves.

If you’ve completed all tasks and still feel that you’re not getting what you want, then we don’t want your money! Simply send us your completed tasks and an explanation. We’ll pay you back with no questions asked.

What are the technological requirements to join?

You need an efficient computer (PC, Mac, etc.) that can be used for several programs, as well as a high-speed internet connection able to view streaming videos. Please notice that devices like tablets, Google Chromebooks, or something similar are not recommended.

Is it a full master’s degree?

No. The education of the Professional Diploma in Digital Entrepreneurship is not a full master’s degree that normally takes two full semesters (a full academic year). The education is a full education of one semester at master level.

If you wish to get a full master’s degree using this educational programme as a part of it, you should contact a state university arranging the other semester, and make sure you receive full merit from this educational programme as part of your full degree programme.

What is a professional diploma?

A professional diploma enhances or serves as an alternative equivalent to an academic diploma.

The teaching is at level 7 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) – the same level as Masters degrees. However, the educational programme is shorter and you won’t have to proceed to the dissertation stage.

This makes the programme a great option if you are interested in pursuing a high-level study, but do not want to commit to a full master’s programme and need the official entry requirements to join the programme at master’s level.

What is the difference between a professional diploma and a master?

The main difference between our professional diploma and a master is that a master is more extensive, generally taking a full year (two semesters) to complete if studied full time with academy entry requirements.

This compares with half a year (one semester) for a professional diploma with no academic entry requirements.

How can I get a merit for this educational programme?

If you wish to receive full academic merit after completing this educational programme as part of a higher degree, your home institution must approve the Professional Diploma in Digital Entrepreneurship in order to obtain full merit for the semester (equaling 30 ECTS credits).

Receiving academic merit from your home institution is not a requirement to be accepted at the school.

What are ECTS credits?

ECTS refers to the European Credit Transfer & Accumulation System. An ECTS credit means the level of total student workload including lectures and self-study. In Cyprus where the school is established, 1 ECTS credit equals 30 hours.

The Professional Diploma in Digital Entrepreneurship of one semester is 30 ECTS credits. ECTS is the used academic credit transfer system for higher education in Europe and is designed to compare different academic programmes within Europe.

What is a study abroad free mover student?

A free mover is a student taking a full degree education who organises their study abroad semester themselves outside the normal exchange programmes e.g. Erasmus+.

The term free mover is mostly a European term and other often used terms are study abroad student, guest student, visiting student, etc.

Can I join as a study abroad free mover taking a semester abroad?

Yes. You can obtain full merit and 30 ECTS points when taking a semester abroad as part of a full education in your home country. Your home institution must approve the curriculum and your study abroad stay as a free mover.

When joining the school as a study abroad free mover your tuition fee will in most cases be paid either partly or in full by your home government, depending on your nationality. Please contact us to help clarify your funding options.

What award will I receive at the end of my studies?

Upon successful completion of the programme and exam, you will be awarded a certificate of the title Professional Diploma in Digital Entrepreneurship issued from the Ricco Mortensen Foundation.

What is expected from me as a student?

It is expected that you have an entrepreneurial mindset, are dedicated to learning, adapt to new stuff quickly and study intensely during the educational programme.

Furthermore, you are expected to participate actively throughout the programme, with group work and self-study.

How is the study environment?

Being a student at the school in Cyprus offers you a unique opportunity going abroad within the best environment of intense interaction and guidance with your teachers, valuable one-on-one mentorship, sunny days, exotic study-trips and much more.

In other words, you will be insured the best framework to enjoy your study in the best surroundings. We believe that making the best study environment for our dedicated students will lead to the best outcome at the end.

Furthermore, you will join a special closed online community with your fellow students, where you have great opportunities to work in teams, ask questions, and share each other’s knowledge, and much more.

How about absence and participation requirements?

We expect you to participate in all lessons and group work. It is expected that you are highly committed to the programme throughout the full 4 months training.

Are there any deadlines I should be aware of?

You must apply for the educational programme latest 1 month before the start date, and render full payment or your first monthly instalment.

If you plan to study at the school and is an EU citizen, you do not need to apply for a VISA. If you plan to stay in Cyprus for longer than 4 months you will have to register with the local authorities. The school will assist you with the necessary paperwork.

If you are a non-EU citizen, please contact us to clarify VISA requirements.

If I choose to study in Cyprus how about housing?

The school does not (yet!) offer any kind of dormitory or private housing, which means you must arrange your stay on the island.

There are various affordable options for accommodations in Pafos, Cyprus near the school and the school staff will gladly assist.

Expect to pay around €400 for a fully furnished two-bedroom apartment. Some students choose to share an apartment or a villa. We have some good local contacts, so please contact us for more information.

How much is the tuition fee?

The tuition fee for joining the Professional Diploma in Digital Entrepreneurship as a student in Pafos, Cyprus is €7,500. You have to pay the tuition fee upfront to secure your seat.

Can I pay the tuition fee in instalments

You have the option of paying the tuition fee in four instalments with a 10% total surcharge. You will pay the first instalment immediately to secure your seat and then the last three instalments on the same date of the next months. Each instalment will be €2,062.50.

Are there any application fees?

No. You only pay the tuition fee if you are granted access to the school.

Are there any scholarships available?

If you are studying at a national publically recognised institution and wish to study abroad for a semester as a free mover – in most cases, your local government will pay a study abroad scholarship to cover the tuition fee either partly or in full.

In addition, if you receive a monthly state grant to cover housing and living expenses you are in most cases allowed to bring the grant with you to Cyprus.

Each country has different rules and funding options. Please contact us to help clarify your funding options.

Can I be accepted as an exchange programme student?

The school does not participate in European exchange program Erasmus+ programme where students can study abroad within the EU for free.

If you are taking a semester abroad as a free mover student you might be able to have the tuition fee paid. Contact us to help clarify your funding options.

How do I pay the tuition fee?

The payment details and instructions will follow with the invoice, which you will receive after being approved as a student. You have the option to pay the tuition fee either by a bank transfer or by credit card.

Can I have a job while attending the programme?

Besides your own business or entrepreneurial start-up, we do not recommend having either a part-time or full-time job due to intense full-time study and mandatory programmes.

A digital certificate is issued to prove your new skills

Accredible Digital Certificate

We are using the revolutionary Accredible to issue your digital certificate for this course. Your new certificate will be available for life on its own unique online address that will be emailed directly to you after you complete the course.

Your digital certificate comes with some special features that a normal certificate doesn’t. You can instantly add it to your LinkedIn profile to show off your achievements to potential employers and peers.

The digital certificate can also be shared across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with one click, and you can even add evidence to them in order to further verify your skills and proof of course completion.

Extra high-value bonuses of more than €20,000

Scholarships available
You might be able to have the Professional Diploma in Digital Entrepreneurship paid either partly or in full by your local government. This is depending on your country of residence. Value up to €7,500.
Moneyback guarantee
You can choose to cancel your program during the first two weeks! If you feel that we’re not offering you all we have promised and you have completed all your assignments – we will pay you back in full.
Individual mentorship sessions
You’ll get unique one-on-one mentorships with the school’s headmaster Ricco Mortensen where he will guide you exclusively with your business in mind. Value €375 per hour.
Free tools and discounts on services
You’ll get a free test WordPress website, plugins, themes, software as well as huge discounts on a great selection of online services. Value more than €450.
Free legal advice
A free one-hour confidential consult session with the international tax advisors and law firm Parparinos Milonas, which helps you structure your business setup in the smartest and most affordable way. Value €425.
Access to Amazon Web Services
Access to Amazon Web Services to use their online services to build special programmed online services, apps, databases, and more – for a 12-month period. Value €10,000.
Lifetime access to Tech Lab
You will get forever access to the closed tech lab community where you can get help for all your technical troubles in relation to your online business. Value €444 a year.
Learn from the best industry experts
A unique one of a kind mix of non-academic experienced international industry experts – teaching you real hands-on things that you can use and execute from day one in any type of business. Value – priceless!
Build your business while learning
Being able to actually learn and build a complete business online during the 4-months of the entrepreneurial educational programme and earn profits even before you finish. Value – priceless!
Make your income run on autopilot
Build strong online concepts that will generate money on autopilot, run a business by outsourcing tasks to the right people while being able to design your laptop entrepreneurial lifestyle if you wish. Value – priceless!
Student community
You will get access to the closed online community where you can ask questions and get help from your fellow and previous students, as well as from your teachers. You’ll have lifetime access both during and after you’ve completed the entrepreneurial development programme. Value – priceless!
Incredible teaching surroundings in Cyprus
A once-in-a lifetime travel and study experience in Pafos, Cyprus. Value – priceless!

The tuition fees & scholarships

Let’s have a talk

We’ll be more than happy to talk with you, to clarify any questions you may have including possible government scholarships available to you.

Please note: The foundation itself does not offer schollarships.

Reserve your seat, with no obligations what so ever. There are only 12 physical seats per semester!

Fill out the form below and you will be contacted within 24 hours.

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