Digital marketing internship in Malta

Get one of the best digital marketing internships and learn from an esteemed expert in digital entrepreneurship and his team.

The purpose of a digital marketing internship

The entrepreneurial and digital marketing internship is highly valuable for both you and the Ricco Mortensen Foundation.

We will benefit from your unique skills and abilities in order to maintain and run our activities. Moreover, we will gain a fresh set of eyes with which to see things from a new perspective.

The Ricco Mortensen Foundation is a non-profit educational organisation. We are dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs worldwide on how to succeed in becoming online entrepreneurs. 

The purpose is to give entrepreneurs a life full of freedom, inspiration and prosperity. Consequently, you will do meaningful work in the world and you will have fun in the process.

We would like to show you how a successful online marketing business works and how it operates.

During this process, we’ll teach you how to utilize cutting edge knowledge in order to run your own online business or to get great job opportunities – either in your home country or abroad.

Our team is creative and innovative – forever striving to evolve. Although we are a small organization, we work with the best and brightest people from Malta and abroad. Our perspective is truly global.

Your role as a digital marketing intern

As a digital marketing intern, you will be a leading member of one of our campaigns.

You will administer, run and play an integral role in putting a particular campaign together. You will work closely with our team on all the digital marketing, content marketing and technical efforts necessary.

With an entrepreneurial internship in Malta, you will learn how to become a digital marketing project manager and be part of the entire process from start to finish.

During a given project, you will be guided and lead by the foundation’s chairman Ricco Mortensen.

Your online marketing internship in Malta

We’re a team of digital nomads living and working from Denmark, USA, England, Portugal, and Malta. The foundation’s courses and educational programmes take place in Valletta, Malta.

You have the option to choose a specific topic e.g. an SEO internship, WordPress internship, email marketing internship or overall digital strategy internship.

Ricco and some of our team members live permanently in Malta. During your internship, you will work with the team there.

No matter if you choose to take a digital marketing internship in summer or winter, the weather is always sunny and nice in Malta.

Your tasks during your digital marketing internship

The expectations of you as an entrepreneurial intern

You should either be in the process of or have a relevant education in international marketing or entrepreneurship – or simply be self-taught and a bit of a nerd (in a good way) at what you do.

You are independent, curious, self-motivated and fluent in English, both speaking and writing.

The digital marketing internship is full-time, unpaid (you can receive a monthly grant from the European Union) and the duration is 2 to 12 months.

Be paid through a grant for your stay abroad

We participate in the European exchange programme Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.

It is a cross-border exchange programme which gives new entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other EU countries.

As an EU citizen, you can receive €720 monthly via a grant from the EU entrepreneurial exchange programme.

You can receive the grant if you are a new entrepreneur, seriously planning to set up your own business or one who has already started a business within the last three years.

We will help you find good and affordable accommodation in Malta. Monthly 1-bed furnished flats or studios including all utilities are available from €600 and up.

Alternatively, if you would like to share an apartment you can find one for around half the cost.

You will have to pay the rent and living expenses yourself. However, living expenses in Malta are quite low compared to most other western EU countries.

Listen to Leyth – a former digital marketing intern

Interested in becoming our next digital marketing intern?

We have many individuals interested in being inspired and guided by Ricco Mortensen face-to-face, as well as, the skilled foundation team. However, the number of internships is limited to only a few people each year.

Please fill out the form on this page and let us know why we should choose you to be our next digital marketing intern.

Kindly note, you must be minimum 18 years of age when internship starts, be a European Union citizen, have a valid passport and shall relocate to Malta during the internship.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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