Digital nomad webinar

Digital nomad webinar

Learn how Ricco created the digital nomad and entrepreneurial lifestyle of his dreams and how you can do it too.

If you love the freedom to work in the global destinations of your heart’s desire, want more free time and greater value from your hard-earned money…

Then the digital nomad and location-independent entrepreneur lifestyle may be exactly what you’re looking for!

On this webinar, Ricco will share with you the ups and downs of his personal journey, as well as the practical challenges he had in order to achieve his location-independent and digital entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Ricco has travelled the globe far and wide. Originally from Denmark, he lived for a year in beautiful Barcelona in Spain, nearly took his business to Saint Martin the Caribbean, explored Cyprus and Malta for a few years, before settling down on the sunny Mediterranean island of Sicily in Italy.

Ricco will openly share his experiences and explain exactly how he designed the entrepreneurial lifestyle of his dreams.

This webinar is for the independent spirit looking to work remotely, from the comforts of your own home, from a warm and sunny beach, or while globetrotting with your office in your laptop bag.

Whether you’re planning to become your own boss or already have a working business, Ricco will show you the hidden opportunities you have as a digital entrepreneur.

Perhaps you’d like to join the fast-growing tribe of digital nomads choosing a better life abroad.

During the webinar, Ricco will show you exactly how he has done it, how he has automated the foundation’s sales online, outsourced his work life, and made his work mobile and global.

What’s more, you’ll receive insights into legal and significant tax reduction especially relevant to expats and digital nomads.

Fascinating information, practical tools, tips and tricks are waiting if you are motivated, ready, and willing to become a digital entrepreneur.

Learn about your many options, and how you can become a digital nomad and location-independent entrepreneur. It’s easier than you think!

Invest just two hours of your time, and learn how to create the entrepreneurial lifestyle of your dreams. Take home a new perspective and much to reflect on as you take the leap.

Ricco will offer up all the insights he has learned over the years.

It’s free, and you will get instant access to watch from your computer, tablet or mobile.

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