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The Ricco Mortensen Foundation is a not-for-profit and charitable foundation. Commercial companies are just alright but this is not what we do here.

The foundation is something special and unique which should reach as many digital entrepreneurs as possible. Education and knowledge I believe should be accessible to everyone and it’s important that we all learn and share our knowledge with each other.

I could easily have operated all the educational activities of a commercial company with high consulting fees, but I wanted to do something bigger and more important than just making money. I am not driven by money, but by a passion to succeed.

It has taken many years of hard work to reach where I and my team are today and I have had to make many sacrifices to keep myself and the foundation completely independent and to fulfil its true purpose.

Ricco Mortensen

It is now so that all cannot or will give a donation – and it’s quite alright. Fortunately, the donations we receive is enough to be able to continue my and the teams work.

I hope that you will consider making a donation – no matter how small or large it is – you will then be helping to support the good cause making us able to create even more educational activities for digital entrepreneurs.

Ricco Mortensen

Chairman of the Board
Ricco Mortensen Foundation

Donors & sponsors

The activities done by the Ricco Mortensen Foundation is made possible by generous funding from our donors and sponsors. We rely on everyone’s contribution to make it all possible.

Google logo


Google is giving us their Google Apps for nonprofits and the Google Ad Grants. Thanks to the great support from Google Ad Grants, we can reach students around the world.
Yearly sponsoring value: more than €100,000

SEO PowerSuite logo

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is giving our team and our students a free subscription to their fantastic all-in-one website and search engine optimisation package handling rankings, on-page, backlinks and reports.
Yearly sponsoring value: more than €3,000

CY Revision logo

CY Revision

CY Revision is the foundation’s tax auditors and takes care of all tax matters, the yearly financial statements along with the necessary reporting to the government.
Yearly sponsoring value: €2,000

Box logo


Box is giving us their secure file sharing and collaboration tool. Using effortless cloud storage helps our remote team members work quick and smart.
Yearly sponsoring value: €540

Zapier logo


Zapier is giving us their magnificent Zapier for Work integration tool. It makes us automate many everyday manual tasks and instead we can use our time creating more teaching activities.
Yearly sponsoring value: €170

Stripe logo


Stripe is offering us their payment processor service with a reduced non-profit discount making the cost of receiving the foundation’s tuition fees a low as it can get.
Ongoing discount: 0.2%

Thanks for your great support. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

What your donation goes to

We are currently only a handful of employees to maintain and develop new projects. Your donation goes primarily to pay salaries and all profits are reinvested in new projects for the benefit of you and all entrepreneurs. Thank you very much!

Or donate by bank transfer:

IBAN: DE93 7001 1110 6050 0209 90
Account Holder: Ricco Mortensen Foundation
Account Currency: Euro
Bank: Deutsche Handelsbank, Südliche Münchner Str. 2,82031 Grünwald, Deutschland