Double your revenue by outsourcing

You need to outsource tasks you find either boring or the ones you are not so good at.

You need to do so in order to focus on the high leverage tasks that give you the greatest profit.

If you have read my book 8 mistakes even the most experienced online entrepreneurs make and how to make money avoiding them you might already have discovered one important lesson about why your online businesses could be failing:

You spend too much time working IN your business, and not enough time working ON the business.

As an entrepreneur, running an online business requires many different sets of skills – and no single person can do them all!

It’s time for a reality check on the number of hours you have spent IN your business…

Are you the only person fixing your website, editing pictures and graphics, sending emails, picking up the phone, setting up online ads, accounting, finding the next intern, and more?

Then try count the number of hours you have spent ON your business the last month…

Bummer, right?

The solution? Outsourcing.

Outsourcing frees up your time so you can think strategically about how to grow your business, without menial tasks getting in the way…

And today it is easier and cheaper than ever to get started

Websites like Upwork allow you to hire freelancers from all over the world to complete tasks from coding to cold calling.

Start by outsourcing the tasks that have low value like customer emails or handling company admin.

I used these exact outsourcing secrets to grow the foundation – and many clients – and now you can too.

Almost all the people that work for our foundation are done through Upwork. Simple, fast, great work done and affordable.

If I haven’t decided that this was the way forward – we would never have reached the level of success that the foundation has today.


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