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This is what you gain

Ricco’s honest, solution-oriented approach is a guiding force which gives you a clear understanding of what is and isn’t possible in today’s digital world.

His effective training on how to run your business online in the simplest manner – whether it concerns making more sales or boosting your initial methods of operation – along with Ricco’s bullet-proof teaching strategies, you will open your eyes to new and exciting ways of running your business using digital technologies and techniques.

Ricco will give you clear insights into how to approach the complications of running a business within your timescale, whilst helping you make an overall business plan that feels authentic to your individual needs and desires. A perfect match for the soon-to-be digital nomad and location-independent online entrepreneur.

As Ricco states: “There is always a different way to do things and there is a world of opportunities most people are not aware of. Run your business and live your entrepreneurial life to the fullest, in the smartest way possible.”

This is what other entrepreneurs say

Ricco has given me invaluable knowledge and fine tuned what I already knew so that I’m bursting with knowledge and ideas on how to succeed as an entrepreneur! Thank you so much – you know your stuff!

For you who operates an online business, you learn here how to make it a money maker. Who would not like to have such.

Bruno Høiberg

Ricco knows everything there is to know – even down to the tiniest details.

Peter Mailund

About your expert Ricco Mortensen

Ricco Mortensen teaching WordPress Course

Your advisor is Ricco Mortensen. He is one of Europe’s most esteemed experts in digital entrepreneurship. Ricco is also a speaker, author, mentor and the Chairman of the Board at the Ricco Mortensen Foundation which is a nonprofit foundation for digital entrepreneurs.

Ricco is from Denmark and now lives in Malta where he teaches at the foundation’s educational programmes. Ricco has built several digital businesses and has been advising European entrepreneurs for more than 20 years.

In addition, Ricco has previously for several years, been the head teacher in online marketing at Denmark’s largest university of applied sciences VIA University College.

Thousands of people have witnessed Ricco’s unique teachings – learning how to successfully run a business, making it run on autopilot, setup of companies, tax optimisation, website creation, digital strategies, online advertising, user behaviour, conversion optimisation, outsourcing, payment solutions, and clever ways to do anything and everything imaginable.

The main focus is to teach you how to become a digital nomad and location-independent entrepreneur. Get invaluable knowledge on how to design your own cool entrepreneur lifestyle and to gain success from your online strategies and earn (a lot) of money in the process.

How does it work exactly?

Click on the button below to pay the one-on-one session fee.

After you have paid – you can book Ricco directly in his calendar.

Ricco will then call up at the scheduled time and you’ll have him all by yourself for 60 minutes.

On the call, you can explain about your business, challenges and goals.

You will recieve valuable advice on how to get on with your business, tax planning and your entrepreneurial lifestyle as a digital nomad.

Also, you can then decide if you would like to join a training programme or get ongoing one-on-one mentoring personally with Ricco.

If you don’t feel like it, that it’s just fine.

This is for digital entrepreneurs who take action and who know when a good opportunity arises.

If it is you, click the button and start developing your digital business.

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