How does your Facebook link previews look?

When you design your web pages, of course, you ensure that the graphics look great, that the texts are written by a copy or text writer, and that you get people to perform some kind of action.

But have you also remembered to specify how the Facebook link preview looks when someone shares one of your web pages on Facebook?

A Facebook link preview is the image, headline and subtext shown on Facebook for a specific web page address (URL).

This is one of the many important things my team and I are testing for when doing a proper and complete website review for a client.

Please don’t have ugly Facebook link previews!

Unfortunately, many people forget this, which results in either a completely weird preview with no logical text or image, or the wrong picture with useless text, which does nothing to get people to visit the web page.

If you are not sure how a Facebook link preview should look then click this link to see how it looks for this particular blog post.

As you can see, there’s a nice picture and a proper headline with subtext.

The other day I received a newsletter from one of the larger Danish online marketing firms. They are currently running a campaign promoting their Facebook marketing course.

The web page looked alright. I tested their Facebook link preview for fun and guess what?

They hadn’t specified the Facebook link preview, which resulted in no image and unclear text. What a bummer!

You aren’t making this mistake with your web pages, are you?

How to fix a Facebook link preview yourself

The Facebook link preview codes are placed in the HTML code of each of your web pages (the nerdy code each web page is built by).

Either you have to code it manually, or if you are fortunate enough to use a good website platform like WordPress there’s one specific plugin I recommend you use.

It’s called Yoast SEO and it’s an excellent plugin to optimise your web pages’ search engine optimisation. But it also handles and can insert the Facebook link preview codes in each of your individual pages in an easy manner. Without having to code anything!

When you have installed and activated the plugin, simply go edit the web page you want to add the Facebook link preview.

Scroll all the way down until you see the “Yoast SEO” section. On the left side click the blue social icon – number two from the top.

Fill out the headline text and subtext and upload an image for the preview. Be sure that the image you upload is 1200x630px (some say 628px – both sizes work).

Use this smart tool to quick and easy to generate your Facebook link preview image. Choose the “Facebook Link Image” size after uploading your image.

Click save and then… Tada! You fixed your web page’s Facebook link preview.

And yes, you’ll have to do that to each and every web page you think could or should be shared on Facebook.

Be sure to check your existing web pages

If you or someone else has entered one of your web page’s URL or shared it, the Facebook link preview is already saved and locked.

This means if you have forgotten to enter your Facebook link preview settings – or if you update one – then it will not be updated on Facebook unless you give it a little push.

To do so, you’ll need to use the Facebook Debugger Tool.

First, copy and paste the full web address (URL) and click the “Debug” button.

Here you’ll see the Facebook link preview that will be shown to all Facebook users.

There are also some informative details about the web page, for example, how many likes and comments have been made on Facebook in total regarding that particular web page.

To update the Facebook link preview, be sure you have updated and saved your web page first, then click the “Scrape Again” button.

Facebook will then apply your new settings and this is what Facebook users will see.

Smart, huh?

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