4-day course: How to make income online on autopilot

Invest 4 days and see your business soar to new heights by joining the intensive course only for ambitious digital entrepreneurs.

Does this sound familiar?

As an online entrepreneur you’d like to live a more free life and perhaps even wish to become a digital nomad or location-independent entrepreneur.

You have a website because you’re “supposed to” but you haven’t worked on your strategy (if you even have one) and it’s not making enough of a profit anyway.

]You know that it’s important to be on the first page of Google, but you don’t know how to get there.

You know that it’s important to be on the first page of Google, but you don’t know how to get there.

Everyone is talking about responsive and mobile friendly websites but you think it sounds too expensive and difficult.

You want fans and likes on your social media pages like your Facebook page but your efforts are not giving you the results you want.

You have no idea what to blog about and think blogging is mostly for women with a passion for food, fashion or fitness.

The subscriber list to your excellent newsletters is too small to even matter and you’re not making any money from them in the first place.

In general, you think it’s all a bit confusing – how to operate your online business and knowing where to start.

Here are some quick course facts

The tuition fee is only €1,500 and includes teaching and lunch.

Course dates

October 2019 class:
Sat 05-10 + Sun 06-10 + Tue 08-10 + Thu 10-10
Malta (in English)

November 2019 class:
Sat 02-11 + Sun 03-11 + Tue 05-11 + Thu 07-11
Malta (in English)

January 2020 class:
Sat 11-01 + Sun 12-01 + Tue 14-01 + Thu 16-01
Malta (in English)

Day 1: Digital strategies & digital nomad lifestyle
Day 2: Website building in WordPress
Day 3: Email marketing with Campaign Monitor
Day 4: Online advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads

Teaching is from 10:00-16:00 local time including breaks.

Number of attendees
12 entrepreneurs

Flight connections
The teaching locations are well connected to the most major cities in Europe. You should be able to reach a direct flight if you fly in from abroad

If you need accommodation, we can recommend booking your stay at a nearby hotel or at Airbnb. After booking your seat we’ll send you our handpicked recommendations.

We will be serving an organic, nutritious and delicious lunch and with snacks in between.

Can you say yes to the following questions?

You are not alone!

During this digital marketing course for entrepreneurs, you’ll learn which mistakes even the most experienced digital entrepreneurs make and how you can make money avoiding them!

You’ll be able to immediately apply the changes you need to make – the ones that will make a real difference in your online business.

The most amazing thing is that the changes will make your business run on autopilot.

You’ll be provided with profound insights and an immediate strategy for optimizing your online efforts and increase your revenue.

You might also recognise this:

…And still you have too few visitors to your website to make a real difference in revenue and sales.

So now what do you do?

Should you lower your prices and earn even less? Should you redesign your website to make it nicer?

Should you post (even more) more content on your Facebook page to increase the number of fans?

If you’ve had thoughts like these there is some important news for you – first some annoying news and then some good news.

First for the annoying news

You are probably making the classic mistakes – even if you have a beautiful website. Lowering your prices won’t help because they’re probably at the level they should be. Posting more content on Facebook will not necessarily increase your sales.

This is because you’re missing the glue that holds it all together, the simplicity and the recognizable value your clients are looking for.

Yes, it’s that simple. Simplicity for your visitors, a connection between your website, your newsletters, your social media and online ads – and a consistent and constant value for your customers.

And now for the good news

During this digital hard-skill course you’ll learn smart and simple techniques that will make it easy and interesting for your visitors to follow your digital profiles, book meetings, purchase on your website, sign up for newsletters – or whatever goals you have. You’ll be able to put all of this into action after the course!

You’ll be taught how to provide value for your visitors because you’re the best one to understand their problems and provide them with the change they are looking for.

You’ll also learn how to make your email newsletter kick arse with loads of valuable content and make online ads that work – to the point where the customer will get out their credit card and start converting right away – increasing revenue for your business.

All because you will gain the insight, strategy and essential techniques on this course.

Because you will have new knowledge, a new perspective and will be able to see it all coming together after attending this intense digital marketing course for entrepreneurs.

Listen to Caroline – a former participant

You will learn…

Are you ready to learn more?

After the 4-day course for entrepreneurs you will know:

During the course, you’ll learn – step by step – how to work strategically, tactically and operationally for all your online activities.

This entrepreneurial course is meant for you who…

About your expert teacher Ricco Mortensen

Ricco Mortensen teaching WordPress Course

Your teacher and mentor is Ricco Mortensen. He is one of Europe’s most esteemed experts in digital entrepreneurship. Ricco is also a speaker, author, mentor and the Chairman of the Board at the Ricco Mortensen Foundation which is a nonprofit foundation for digital entrepreneurs.

Ricco is originally from Denmark and now lives in Malta where he teaches at the foundation’s educational programmes. Ricco has built several digital businesses and has been advising European entrepreneurs for more than 20 years.

In addition, Ricco has previously for several years, been the headteacher in online marketing at Denmark’s largest university of applied sciences VIA University College.

Thousands of people have witnessed Ricco’s unique teachings – learning how to successfully run a business, making it run on autopilot, which includes the setup of companies, tax optimisation, website creation, search engine optimisation, social media strategies, email marketing, online advertising, user behaviour, conversion optimisation, outsourcing, payment solutions, and clever ways to do anything and everything imaginable.

The main focus is to teach you how to design your own cool entrepreneur life, to gain success from your online strategies and earn (a lot) of money in the process.

A digital certificate is issued to prove your new skills

Accredible Digital Certificate

You will be issued a special digital course certificate. The certificate will be available for life on its own unique online address. It will be emailed directly to you after completing the digital marketing course for entrepreneurs.

You can instantly add it to your LinkedIn profile to show off your achievements to potential peers and perhaps future employers.

The digital certificate can also be shared across social media platforms with one click. You can let people verify your new skills and proof of study completion.

The certificate will be issued by the Ricco Mortensen Foundation.

What do other people say?

Extra high-value bonuses

Individual mentorship session
You’ll get a unique one-on-one mentorship session with your teacher Ricco Mortensen where he will guide you exclusively with your business in mind.
Value €250.

Free tools and discounts on services
You’ll get a free test WordPress website, plugins, themes, software as well as huge discounts on a great selection of online services.
Value more than €450.

Learn from the best industry expert
A unique one of a kind non-academic teaching experience from an international industry expert – teaching you real hands-on things that you can use and execute from day one in any type of business.
Value – priceless!

Build your business while learning
Being able to actually learn and build your business online during the course and perhaps earn profits even before you finish.
Value – priceless!

Make your income run on autopilot
Build strong online concepts that will generate money on autopilot, run a business by outsourcing tasks to the right people while being able to design your laptop entrepreneurial lifestyle – if you wish.
Value – priceless!

Incredible teaching surroundings
A once-in-a-lifetime travel and study experience (of course, only if you travel abroad).
Value – priceless!

The price for the course

Your investment in the digital marketing course for entrepreneurs with one week of intense teaching is €1,500 VAT exempt including materials and lunch.

Knowledge which you will profit from for the rest of your days as an entrepreneur, business owner or project manager.

If you have no idea how to get the most out of your hard-earned money, structure your business and digital strategy in the best possible way – then yes, you are going to be sitting at that desk for a long time, without fulfilling all your entrepreneurial dreams and goals.

It’s even worse if you’re sitting there waiting for business solutions to magically appear – because things simply don’t work that way. First, you must fully comprehend the models, techniques and methods to ensure your success.

That is what you’ll learn at the digital marketing course for entrepreneurs, after which you can go gleefully home and create the results you’ve been missing as well as have the entrepreneurial life you’ve always dreamed of.

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October 2019 class:
Sat 5/10 + Sun 6/10 + Tue 8/10 + Thu 10/10
Malta (in English)

November 2019 class:
Sat 2/11 + Sun 3/11 + Tue 5/11 + Thu 7/11
Malta (in English)

January 2020 class:
Sat 11/1 + Sun 12/1 + Tue 14/1 + Thu 16/1
Malta (in English)

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