Ricco Mortensen - Perhaps building a website isn't your thing

Perhaps building a website isn’t your thing

This contains a personal warning if you are a true entrepreneur!

And by the way – it’s long! It will take you a few minutes to read – that’s another warning.

But here it comes:

Throughout the year, I have been teaching at my courses as well as doing speaking appearances.

I do this:

– Because I get sad seeing many entrepreneurs fail by not making the money they actually can and live the entrepreneurial lifestyle they want.

– Because I believe that valuable education – and especially learning digital marketing and entrepreneurial skills – shouldn’t cost the moon when it can be done on a microbudget.

– Because having a good and cleverly built website will generate (lots of) profits. It would be absurd not to take advantage of this fact.

You may have already taken advantage and signed up for a class.

Or maybe you are sitting here reading and still considering whether you should join a course.

But… before you click that purchase button, please do consider whether or not building a good looking website is really something for you?

Even though most entrepreneurs benefit from building a money-making website, it’s not necessarily the right thing for every single entrepreneur.

– Yes, having a website is where you get your customers to perform an action (a conversion) hopefully, a conversion that includes a financial transaction.

– Yes, websites throughout the Internet sell for billions of euros each year.

– Yes, you too can build and design a website’s product and services that have an income on autopilot.

Perhaps building a website isn’t for you

What makes having a website truly great can also be what makes it really terrible.

Let me explain…

Having a website works really well because:

1. People that visit your website go there because they are interested in what you have to offer, is often ready to make a purchase and it is available round the clock 365 days a year.

2. More than 3,800,000,000 people have internet access that can access your website (that’s a bit more than half of all people on Earth!)

3. Someone out there would love to purchase what you are passionate about and have to offer – even if it is the smallest niche in the World (remember the billions of people in point 2?). Of course, there is a target audience just right for you.

4. Even when your customer is on vacation, laying on the couch, sick in bed with the flu – make no doubt that they are online (and the same applies to you, you can sell what you have to offer 24/7 without being “at work”).

As fabulous as it is to have (and maintain!) a beautiful and money-making website – it can also be a terrible endeavour.

Here’s why it can suck to have a website

Building a website doesn’t mean you get clients and make money instantly on day one.

You will have to:

– Spend hours (if not days, weeks, or months!) adjusting and fine-tuning your website to make it just as you would like it to be.

– Accept that having a website is not just a one-time thing like making a brochure – it’s never-ending work (often very time consuming) optimising and testing. In addition, you have to keep creating (good) content about your products and services by creating articles or blog posts.

– Have your niche very well defined as well as a good product or service where it is absolutely clear what change it brings to your customer’s life. If you don’t have that ready, don’t start building your website because then you don’t know who to target and customise your content!

Trust me! I have personally tried without acknowledging the above points.

I’ve spent so much time building some of my very first websites.

I don’t even know how many hours I’ve spent (staying up all night).

When I started my first business and their websites (ages ago!) – I did not have a clear strategy for what very specific target audience I should communicate to.

I had no idea how to write good web pages that make people take action (make conversions).

I simply wasn’t clear enough about what I had to offer and why someone should choose to purchase (or sign up) for those services.

Over time I’ve done much research, brainstorming and had many great talks with good friends and business contacts to find my path and my niche.

When I (finally) had that in place everything suddenly got very clear. It all fell into place with the target audience I should go for and with what strategy.

Or, perhaps more correctly put – I got clear on what audience would love what I do and who would really like to learn from me (and pay for it).

I’ve used this formula for the different businesses I’ve personally built and also applied this to clients and my students ever since.

Trust me! It works!

You must find a niche that is unique and match your personality, abilities, and skills.

No big corporation can ever beat that.

It is not all joy and pleasure

I would lie if I said that the (long) process didn’t affect me on a personal level.

I was – as most entrepreneurs are – focusing on how to make money fast on something too broad.

Using that approach is simply a no-go. It’s not a stable nor long-term profitable and wise strategy.

I knew that I had a passion for some very specific things.

Though, I never imagined that I could combine my passion with work (today I see it as my hobby!).

Previously I often considered taking a regular job.

Many times I doubted whether I was good enough and if I really had anything to offer.

It is an awful feeling not getting recognised for the product or services that you’ve built. Even worse when you have spent tremendous amounts of time creating it.

Especially if it’s your passion and something that you really loves doing.

You are not alone

After more than 25 years as an entrepreneur I’ve learned how to deal with some of the frustrations:

– I share my story and journey in blogs and newsletters for you to read. I also share them when I teach at the foundation’s entrepreneurial school.

– When someone tells me that what I do is odd (or sometimes I even get accused of being a fake!) I know today that what I’m doing is right. And that is because of my well-defined niche.

– I still doubt myself from time to time. I get bummed out when the hate emails arrive in my inbox (yep, I sometimes get them!). But then I just go read my many student and client testimonials or call a good friend.

– I follow my heart in order to make my life a better, happier and more exciting one. I build digital strategies, code complex digital marketing techy stuff, and I teach entrepreneurs how to design the business and life of their dreams – simply because I love to!

And I can go on and on…

I’m quite sure you get the point  (otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten this far reading).

If not, let me be clear:

You need a website to run your business online. It is where your customers land when searching on Google and click your links on social media pages etc. – and perhaps most important – where your online transactions will take place.

But creating and maintaining a website as an entrepreneur requires stubbornness, tenacity, and bravery.

And you need to have a well-defined niche.

In most cases, you have to personally communicate and present your products and services (yes, that also applies to big companies!).

Never take it personally when someone (for whatever reason) tells you that you are not worth it or that they don’t understand your niche product or service!

PS: Most people visiting your website actually want to purchase something from you – but because your website is not built to make them take (the right) action – they don’t! I will explain all this in the website building course.

But… only purchase the course if you can manage not to take building your website (too) personally.


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