Postgraduate Certificate (PgC) in Digital Entrepreneurship

Module 1: Company Formation and Tax Planning

Module Description

Module learning outcome

Effective company structures, tax optimization and how to outsource tasks efficiently

Module ECTS points

2 credits (what is this?)

Total efforts hours

63 (12 class hours, 15 group hours and 36 study hours)

Module Topics

Types of ownership and liability

I’ll teach you the various options available for structuring your company both in Europe and abroad. You need to choose the right type of ownership and ownership structure you want, while still having control as to how much money you are liable for, depending upon which option you choose.

Debt, bankruptcy and plan B

I’ll give you a plan for coming up with various scenarios in regards to the finances of your online business. Things don’t always go as planned, and I’ll teach you how to create good backup plans for times of crisis so that you have a viable plan B in place. I’ll also teach you exactly how to know when it’s time to throw in the towel.

Double tax treaties

You’ll get the hang of how to make use of the double taxation agreements between countries in order for you to tax optimize, move your profits to where they’re most favorable, while reducing both company and personal taxes.

Royalty agreements

I’ll teach you how to establish a royalty agreement between two of your businesses and how you can move your profits from a high tax country to another EU country or offshore country. You’ll learn how to lower your taxes to virtually nothing.

Tax havens

I’ll give you the skinny on what’s up and what’s down when it comes to tax havens and what most people do wrong – hide untaxed money. I’ll teach you how things work in order for you to do it right using offshore companies. You’ll also learn how to obtain an official proof of setup with the tax authorities’ blessing.

Binding tax rulings

Everything has to be by the book and completely legal. As such, I’ll teach you how to request a binding ruling from your local tax authority on the tax structure you plan, as well as how you go about obtaining an official approval of your setup. The tax structures I suggest are already approved by the tax authorities in most countries and typically follow a simple standard procedure.

Outsource your tasks

I’ll teach you how to outsource your tasks by hiring experts in their field of work who do what they do best so that you don’t have to. Their rates are quite reasonable, as many work from home computers across the globe. Running an online business is challenging. You’ll not have time to do everything yourself. That’s why you’ll learn how to outsource in the smartest way possible.

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