Module Description

Module learning outcome

Email marketing in the right way with Campaign Monitor.

Module ECTS points

2 credits (what is this?)

Total efforts hours

63 (12 class hours, 15 group hours and 36 study hours)

Module Topics

Effective email campaigns

You will have a thorough knowledge of the world of email marketing and I’ll teach you to communicate effectively and target to your audience and segments.

The subject line

I’ll teach you how the email subject line is super important and how to get your readers to open your emails. You’ll get a list with some good subject lines that you can try out and I’ll teach you how you can test different versions of the subject to see what works best.

Campaign Monitor

You’ll learn how to use Campaign Monitor in and out that is an extremely user-friendly email marketing system and a powerful tool to create, send and edit e-mail marketing campaigns and improving your campaigns by analyzing the user behavior.

Setting up email lists

You’ll learn how to set up your email lists, make good signup flows, add a nice sign-up form on your website and how to segment your news subscribers.

Designing emails

Your email campaigns needs to look beautiful and delicious and fit your brand and style. You’ll learn how to customize the templates found in Campaign Monitor so they look exactly as you want them.

Automated emails

You’ll learn how to put your email on autopilot by setting up automated email flows when people sign up for your newsletter or if they fit into a specific segment. You’ll only make the content once and then it all runs automatically.

Analyzing campaigns

I’ll teach you how to draw the important information from the statistics from the email marketing campaigns you have sent out. You’ll learn how to find which texts that has worked best, what times your email is read and where.

Opt ins

Many visitors closes the browser or click away from your website before they have signed up for your newsletter. I’ll teach you how to set up an “opt in” that pops up on the screen when your visitor is about to leave.

Do’s and don’ts

At the same time I’ll teach you all about the “do’s and don’ts” in a world where too many choose to ignore newsletters – but not yours, of course.

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You might be able to have the programme paid either partly or in full by your local government, depending on your country of residence. We can also direct you to various possible scholarships where you can apply for funding.

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