Module Description

Module learning outcome

Advertising on Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and AdRoll

Module ECTS points

2 credits (what is this?)

Total efforts hours

63 (12 class hours, 15 group hours and 36 study hours)

Module Topics

Paid online ads

I’ll teach you how to setting up ad campaigns on Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and how to develop your business by targeting your online ads.

Your niche

You’ll learn how to think differently compared to traditional non-digital marketing when you need to target to your niche segments on advertising platforms and social medias.

Google AdWords

With Google AdWords you’ll learn how to create paid text ads with effective ad extensions that will be displayed in Google’s search engine. I’ll teach you how to measure which ads work best so you can adjust and get the most value for money.

Google AdWords advanced

You learn how to make Google AdWords image, video and shopping ads that appear on Google platforms and other websites throughout the World. I’ll teach you how to choose the right websites to show your ads and how to get best and most optimal campaigns.



Google AdSense


Facebook Ads

You’ll learn how to set up paid ads on Facebook with promoted posts and videos, promote web addresses, how to get more Likes on your Facebook page, and how to create visibility for your brand and evaluate your campaigns by studying the analytics reports.

Twitter Ads

I’ll teach you how to set up paid advertisements on Twitter to promote your tweets to specific segments, getting traffic to your website or get new followers or target your competitors’ target audience and how to evaluate it all.

LinkedIn Ads

You’ll learn how to promote your ads and postings on your company page on LinkedIn to specific segments, getting traffic to your website and create interaction and how to evaluate your campaigns.

Retargeting ads

You’ll get a grip on how you target specific ads on virtually the entire Internet for specific visitor for example have visited your product page but not purchased. It is called retargeting and is extremely effective and I’ll teach you how to set up campaigns and evaluate the results. You learn how to setup retargeting on others websites, Facebook, Google AdWords, Twitter by using the tool AdRoll.

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