Module Description

Module learning outcome

Search engine optimization that makes you visible in Google.

Module ECTS points

2 credits (what is this?)

Total efforts hours

63 (12 class hours, 15 group hours and 36 study hours)

Module Topics

Search engines and search indexes

You’ll learn and understand all the processes of search engine optimization and how your website and product pages will show up as the first hits in the search results in Google and in the other search engines.

Building SEO webpages

I’ll teach you what HTML codes are all about, how web pages are built and what it is that search engines look for. You’ll learn what is good for your website visitors with high quality texts, good navigation, correct use of HTML tags and a lot more that will make the search engines pleased about your webpages.

Keyword analysis

You’ll learn how to perform a manual keyword analysis for you to exactly find what exact search phrases on the search engines that people are searching for (and no – it’s not the ones you think it is!). I’ll teach you how to find exactly what search phrases to use on your web pages and resulting in free traffic. You’ll also learn how to use the advanced program Rank Tracker by Link Assistant that will do all the hard work for you to find your best search phrases.

Competitor monitoring

In search engines you need to show up in the top results and before your competitors in the search results. I’ll teach you how to automate the process so you can keep an eye on your own web pages rising in the results and if one of your competitors is about to take your spot. You’ll learn how to use Rank Tracker by Link Assistant to do the task.

Link building

I’ll teach you how to look up who is linking into both your online competitors website and also your own website. Half of doing good search engine optimization is to have good and relevant links to your websites and social media sharing. You learn how to use the program SEO SpyGlass to do exactly that.

Errors on your website

You’ll learn how to run a complete error-check on your own and on your competitors’ website. Search engines do not like errors and neither do your web visitor when for example a link doesn’t work. I’ll teach you how to give your website a complete overhaul by using the program Website Auditor from LinkAssistant that shows you what things wrong so you can fix the errors.

Everything good for the user

I’ll teach you everything about page rank, Alexa rank, age of the domain, load speed, code structure and more important issues you need to know about that will make your website be top nosh in the search engines.

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