Postgraduate Certificate (PgC) in Digital Entrepreneurship

Module 10: User Behaviour and Conversion Optimisation

Module Description

Module learning outcome

Learning how to increase sales or conversions by analyzing user behaviour and using conversion optimisation techniques.

Module ECTS points

2 credits (what is this?)

Total efforts hours

63 (12 class hours, 15 group hours and 36 study hours)

Module Topics

Google Analytics analysis

You’ll learn how to get insight into your user behavior and changing it can create significant results by analyzing online traffic to a website and thereby optimize your digital strategy. You’ll learn how to see how users interact on your website and most importantly what activities and campaigns that works and generate sales.

Google Analytics – setting goals


Google Analytics split test


Visual Website Optimizer

You’ll learn how to use Visual Website Optimizer to efficiently test different versions of your webpages to see what works best. I’ll teach you the important key principles of usability and conversion optimization. You’ll also learn how to perform A/B split tests on various essential elements of a website and optimize so most users conduct a certain action (your conversions).

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