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I’m always looking for exciting opportunities to share my entrepreneurial and digital marketing know-how and show how to build a successful business online.

This by teaching you and your audience the greatest tips, smart tools, and best practices. Perfect for the visionary entrepreneur wanting to succeed.

This is why I speak at various events, summits and conferences, as I’m an expert in digital entrepreneurship.

If you’re organising an upcoming event and believe your audience would love to hear me speak, simply send me an enquiry and I’ll do my best to see how I can help.

While I wish I could speak at every event requested, I must be selective, given the number of enquiries I receive.

Kindly have a look at the following Q&A’s to get a better understanding of how my speaking engagements work, and whether I’m a good fit for your next event.

About Ricco Mortensen

I’m an expert in digital entrepreneurship, speaker and author with a uniquely European flair.

I worked my way up through the ranks – from McDonald’s cashier in Denmark to an esteemed expert in digital entrepreneurship.

My strengths lie in my endearing personality, with a knack for innovative and logical problem-solving, conjuring up and executing big ideas, and sharing my ingenious business solutions with clients, students and friends.

My journey hasn’t always been a bed of roses. I’ve travelled through hell and high water to get to where I am today.

I celebrate these challenges because now I can teach people how to avoid making the mistakes I did.

In 1997 I started my very first business – building computers and websites and online shops for clients.

Some of my early entrepreneurial adventures include coming up with cutting-edge solutions for various companies e.g. developing SMS reminders for Danish bookstores, libraries, and beauty salons.

I even developed a world-wide document scanning service and even a full-service intranet for McDonald’s.

In 2012 I began teaching online marketing at VIA University College, Denmark’s largest university of applied science.

Since then I have been lecturing and teaching at various events.

Today, I’m best known for my ability to help aspiring entrepreneurs build successful businesses online and how to design their digital nomad lifestyle.

One of my greatest talents lies in online strategies and company and tax optimization, helping my clients make the most profit from their hard-earned money.

To date, I’ve educated thousands of students and consulted hundreds of clients.

I’ve created the Ricco Mortensen Foundation, a nonprofit educational organization, aimed at teaching as many people as possible how to have entrepreneurial success.

The foundation is offering various educational programmes specially designed for the digital entrepreneur.

In addition to my teachings, I’m an inspiring speaker too!

The often asked questions and answers

After submitting an enquiry, am I guaranteed to have you speak at my event?

While I love saying yes to all speaking engagements, I simply don’t have time to speak at every event. Even though I’d really love to do so! For this reason, there are no guarantees.

What criteria make my request a good fit?

I take my time to consider whether your event is a good fit for me. I typically say yes if an event provides me and the foundation with an ideal opportunity to inspire as many entrepreneurs as we possibly can. Events with fewer than 30 attendees aren’t typically a great match. If a speaking engagement takes places outside of Malta, greater travel time is required which makes it preferable for there to be upwards of 200 attendees. I also take into consideration the main topic of your event, type of audience and travel time.

What’s the price?

The type of event, number of participants and travel costs will determine the price. You will get a price when once I have all the details. Then we sign a contract and the invoice must be paid before the date of the event. A speaking engagement with me is from €3.000 and up.

What topics do I talk about?

I’m an expert in digital entrepreneurship, which means I can speak on any topic within the realm of online marketing, digital nomad lifestyle and everything related to entrepreneurship. This includes designing your entrepreneurial life, making money on autopilot, becoming a digital nomad, overcoming challenges and creating solutions when running a business online. I also cover social media, SEO, email marketing, using the right tools, sales funnels, company formation, tax planning and much more!

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