Take the test: How is your business really going?

Being in business can be tough.

No matter if you are just starting your business or have been in the game for years, it can be tough dealing with problematic challenges and having enough willpower every day.

You can easily end up losing sight of your initial goals and vision.

Which is why it is so important to track your progress.

If you just have a dream without making real measurable plans – well, then that dream often stay as a dream.

That’s exactly why I created the below quiz.

Are you ready to take the test to see how your business is really going?

And be honest to yourself!

Tick the items that apply to you

1. I often compare myself to others and it affects my self-esteem.

2. I envy others who have more success than me and frequently say negative things about them.

3. I hate to see competitors getting publicity in the media.

4. I sometimes feel like a total failure.

5. I sometimes doubt my capabilities because of the mistakes I make.

6. I find it hard to admit that I do not have enough customers.

7. I lack confidence when discussing my business with others.

8. I still find it hard to say what makes me better than my competitors.

9. I have wasted my budget on online advertisements that didn’t work in the past year.

10. I still spend too much time ‘in the business’ and not enough time ‘on the business’.

11. The only way I know how to make more money in my business is by working longer hours.

12. I struggle to describe my businesses services in a compelling way.

13. I don’t use a digital marketing strategy because I don’t know how to make one.

14. I hate selling and frequently get nervous before a big client meeting.

15. I often feel alone in my business struggles.

16. I have too little structure in my working life and often feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day.

17. I often feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks I have to do in my business.

18. I often feel powerless, because I do not know how I should prioritize my time.

19. I feel often discouraged because I can’t motivate myself.

20. I have lied to friends and family about how my business is really going.

21. I have thought about quitting my business more than once in the last year.

22. I earn less money than when I was employed.

23. I am still dependent on someone else’s income to survive.

24. I spend too much time procrastinating because I feel overwhelmed.

25. I am ashamed at times of my own irresponsibility.

If you answered yes to even just one of these questions, then it is time to reflect.

And you should act quickly. You can’t afford to wait around for something to change.

Only one person can make the necessary changes – and that’s you! Because, who else should it be?

Do this:

  1. Start by looking at the points you have ticked by. How many are there?
  2. Examine each answer with curiosity and ask yourself: What is causing this?
  3. What positive actions could you take to change?

Now you can make some decisions and act on them.

A tip: Schedule those actions in your calendar or create a todo-list to make sure they get them done.

And remember… You’re not alone.

Every successful entrepreneur has gone through struggles in the past and bounced back (so have I).

Now it’s your turn.

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