Student testimonials

Student testimonials

It is a pleasure to teach and work with amazing entrepreneurs and here are some of their praises.


A great course that knocks you over – but still leaves you with a really good sense of what “online marketing and social media” is all about and that means you will view websites in a brand new light:-)

Great course that can actually be used for something!! And a funny feeling of being a bit left behind regarding certain points along the way – and yet eventually being left with a feeling of having taken “everything in” when it comes to online marketing.

And best recommendations are passed on here and there and everywhere…

Maria Koefoed

Worth all the money. I have gone from being a marketing coordinator to seeing myself as being specialised in online marketing.

I’ve got so many new cards on my hand and have very much developed myself personally.

Great and very comprehensive. Cannot wait to delve properly into it.

Super exciting and educational course that makes you prepared to build your own professional website and get listed on page one of Google. You also learn which strategies you can use on various social media, how to write texts that work- also as newsletters and on your blog.

Definitely competent teachers who help and support you in your process and sometimes super inspiring and entertaining lectures.

Thanks to all of you. I have learned a lot, and there is no doubt that I will recommend this course to others.

Super good course for those who have not worked with online marketing before. You learn , you can immediately go home and implement. I can only recommend it to others.

First of all thanks to Ricco and team for a really good course . It has fully lived up to my expectations and I enjoyed every day ” as a little child before Christmas ” to learn more.

It is a really really good course that has given me SO much to work with – not least , it is now much easier even researching on the various topics and learn even more .

This is an incredibly educational course with a teacher who is passionate about what he does, delivers the material clearly and truly wants you to succeed.

Drop bachelor’s and master’s mind. Ricco gives you the knowledge you can not get through theoretical books written by American professors who receive money for quantity not quality.

The money is online and this course gives you the tools , to pick them up.

The course has lived up to well above my own expectations ! It is intense and exciting and has given me to become more visible on the digital platforms in a short time .

Consisting of a super team that goes to it and has been very nice and helpful , I can highly recommend this course to anyone who will be digitally visible there.

I think it’s been a really good course , and is very sorry that it took only the few weeks :)

A very exciting and educational course. Don’t think you can get more knowledge about the ENTIRE online marketing area in one course anywhere else.

Everything is served by a super inspiring teacher and wrapped in a nice relaxed atmosphere. Besides, afterwards you have access to a large knowledge bank AND a network of peers to spar with.

Have not for a single moment regretted signing up for the course. On the contrary, it has given me more than I hoped for.

My curiosity for online marketing is now even more intensified and I have had many aha experiences with the course – also tools I will use in my new job

Brilliant! The course content is important knowledge in working with online marketing. I’ve gained a broad introduction to many topics /programs and the insight to elaborate upon them and continue working on my own. Thank you very much to Ricco for great communication of complex material.

Keep your ears pointed in the right direction; a lot of gems and important knowledge are given, it can be difficult to take it all in.

I have participated in Riccos online marketing course . It was the most instructive lessons I have ever attended .

The quality of teaching and the substance we reviewed was top notch .

I highly recommend this course to all who intend to work with social media marketing.

Everything you hear about Ricco Mortensen is true. A fantastic course! Thank you for some great days. Unfortunately, they passed too quickly :)

Kasper Rasmussen

Great course that has given me great insight and understanding of online marketing. High praise goes to Ricco for comprising the teaching material – and especially for his competence and way of capturing the “audience”.

Can definitely recommend this course to everyone – ranging from those who think in terms of WordPress and SEO, and for those who want to take the entire trip around the online marketing universe! Once again, big thanks to all of you, it has been some fantastic days :-)

Rikke Olofsen

Truly inspiring and highly targeted course. Top notch professional educator who also speaks a language you can understand without being a “nerd”. Have never before learned so many new things in 6 weeks. Am very excited to go and try out my new knowledge in the business world.

A course that I have gotten very much out of. It has been an eye-opener because it has taught me that there are many elements within online marketing you as an independent can do yourself. that it at the same time equips you with the skills to perform minor consultancy tasks, means that new career opportunities suddenly open up.

I have never participated in a course where I have taken so much valuable knowledge with me. Professional teacher and very interesting material has made weeks of training super exciting.

Unique insight into how marketing on various online platforms works with a highly competent teacher.

Really good course, I would have liked to have enjoyed more of.

Enormous level of knowledge and “this is how you do it” approach, which actually shows it in practice, to all of us who are not that great theoreticians.

It has been a fantastic course which has taught me a whole lot and given me a great desire to work professionally with online marketing in the future. Thank you for a fantastic course!

Very ambitious course in online marketing with a super dedicated teacher – you cannot complete the course without being motivated, inspired and gaining insight into the latest trends along the way.

The course deals with many relevant topics that are important to relate to as a company with an online presence. It gives a very clear picture of of what is really going on in a low-practical level. I have a “healthy” relationship to the fact that nothing is black / white online.

The course has opened my eyes to a whole new world with endless possibilities in terms of what niche I’m going out to offer my help. I am full of anticipation for the future :)

This course has given me new energy and courage to find the job that I previously have not been qualified for. My confidence has grown and I have become very curious of all the possibilities existing online.

I really feel sorry for those who have not attended this course – how will their businesses turn out in the future? The knowledge I am now equipped with, flips my idea of ​​what effective marketing is today, and I am convinced that if the rest of the business concept is in order, the chance to succeed with the knowledge you achieve here is increased by several hundred percent.

Many thanks for a very interesting and committed effort. I am furthermore very impressed with the social commitment exhibited, which includes the possibility to receive help for subsequent similar projects. This is not often seen within the business world.

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in online marketing.

Ricco is insanely competent, entertaining and absolutely fantastic. I have learned a lot in a short time , and feel that I know more than I felt when kursusset ended.

I really hope that I get to use my new knowledge in a future job . High five from here …

Nothing more than that you are fantastic and a really skilled and inspired human ! Hope I will be just as tough once ;)

I would definitely recommend this course to others. It has been some fantastic weeks with online marketing. The social aspect of this course has also been very rewarding in my jobseeking period. Thank you:-)

Thank you for your great patience and your good way of explaining things. It means a lot when you feel you have been left behind the others.

I have through the course and in fact already from the first day, gained a completely new view of myself as a professional.

I now much more feel that I have something to bring to the table when I go out into “the big world” now. #seeyououtthere

Super Good and instructive course where I became aware of some things such as SEO , which I never thought I would be hooked .

A really good course . Not least because of a teacher who was good at cutting things out of cardboard , when necessary :)

This is an exciting and captivating course that brings you into a world where you want to learn even more than when you started.

A “hands on” and very exciting and educational course with a skilled and dedicated teacher!

I had the course recommended by a friend and it fully lived up to my expectations !!

Content is super exciting and it is disseminated in a very enthusiastic and meaningful way , so you pretty quickly come to feel as ‘ expert ‘ .

The course is 10 out of 10 stars . Ricco 10 out of 10 stars .

I just completed the online marketing course with Ricco. Rarely have I enjoyed teaching which has been so interesting and intensive. My head is full of new and exciting knowledge, and suddenly contains, as a matter of course, words like SEO, conversion optimisation, keyword analysis etc., It has been deeply interesting from day one!

Can strongly recommend the course and not least Ricco. He has a unique personality and way of conveying complex information so that everyone understands it as the easiest thing in the world. In addition you feel that he truly burns for the subject and that definitely rubs off.

Now, after completing the course, I am full of courage, curiosity and expectation to delve further into what I have learned and get out there and practice it in the context of a company. Thanks for some beautiful beautiful weeks.

Good and instructive course where you feel valued and welcome – also to ask questions. The course is instructive at the same time it is both fun and exciting. I give Ricco & Co. my best recommendations!

A fantastic course where you received a lot of good tools. I myself am a recent graduate of the Aarhus Business Academy and many students including myself have often sought more specific tools and not just theory and practice, which you get at this course.

Therefore, I would certainly recommend it to all my unemployed marketing friends who want to be able to do something more within online marketing.

Absolutely brilliant course. MUST be experienced if you have the slightest interest in online marketing. The presenters were very skilled, honest and present. I am already looking forward to returning in the new year to get some of it refreshed. Thank you very much for now :)

World class online maketing. Ricco knows his stuff so well, that he, in easily understandible Danish, is able to make you comprehend even quite difficult things and topics. Keep up the good spirit

Online marketing course I do not believe should be considered – it’s just to do it!

If you mean business , and will enhance your marketing abilities. That’s how I see it, now that I have attended.

Has also a little philosophy . Will you be among the best , you have to listen to the best .

I had high expectations for the course, but I had never imagined that it would be as great as it turned out to be. Although I have six years of education at the University in the bagage, I can without hesitation say that I have never received as useful training as the one I received at the course in online marketing. I have gained a professional strength that I have not experienced having before, which made me able to enter the workforce with a completely different feeling in the stomach.

I now possess some competencies that are in high demand in the labour market and the instructors have made ​​me realize how much I actually know and can do. And that is a lot! The professional level is high and the course is very well designed. I especially want to thank Ricco for the sublime teaching, which he has undertaken with superior communication skills and immense knowledge. I have now almost exhausted my supply of adjectives, but the course deserves every one of them. During the course I have been permanently employed by an international organisation.

A practical course where you can learn many techniques that can streamline your everyday life enormously as they do not come close to someone like higher education today.

Tuition is so down to earth, even if you do not feel you know anything about online marketing, you can easily keep up with anyway.

For those who well know online marketers get lots of new tools, you can quickly translate. It is 100% up to you how much you have in your backpack when the course is over, but you are committed to learning everything your teacher teaches you, then you are more than well equipped to work in a marketing department or start your own online business.

What you learn on the course, you will learn nowhere else. Thanks for a great course. Ricco is super good to teach and good at explaining things in a simple and straightforward manner, and takes care like the time to elaborate on a question.

Ricco is also good to make sure that everyone is with and engaged in teaching. He is also good at telling what we previously have done wrong, and at the same time taught us simple methods and principles which have shown us where all the classic mistakes is and what to do about them.

Get a broad understanding of the key elements of a powerful online marketing strategy. Be taught by a highly qualified teacher who knows their stuff and who understands how to communicate. Truly a very positive, and sometimes fast-paced and intense experience – a course where I brought home more than I dared to expect, and where I felt that Ricco truly did his utmost to give me and the other students what we had come for, namely insight into online marketing. It was a very large field, many individual elements and a lot to delve further into. Incredibly exciting and I look forward to continue working with some of the topics. It is far from unlikely that I will return to see what else I can use of the courses offered … Thank you for a very rewarding course.

It was a good course with high professionalism and exciting angles. I brought something back with me that was in a class of its own.

I’ve had the 6 most educationally rewarding weeks with Ricco, who has given me great insight into online marketing. The combination of online marketing theories and practical hands-on work with a specific case, is the reason I now have a job. A

big thank you to Ricco & Co. for a fantastic course! ******/****** stars Ricco – Thanks for a great and educational course!

Absolutely delicious! It’s that simple just !

Thanks for a fantastic bombardment of knowledge and the super clear and pedagogical communication of both the daily teaching as well as the overall course structure.

Ricco is a mindblowingly knowledgeable and patient teacher who manages to convey very complex material to a wide range of people with very different backgrounds. My best recommendations of the course and Ricco.

A course with Ricco, in a nutshell means professionalism.. We are indeed greeted as the people we are and there is space and room for differences.

When I started the course, I felt a little “grandmother”-like. My daughter of 12 knew more about using social media than I did. As I told our teacher Ricco Mortensen upon course completion, that if he, in only 6 weeks, is able to pass on knowledge about online marketing so that even I understand it, then he has come a very long way and that everyone will be able to learn it.

So all in all a fantastic and educational course, which I can only recommend and will never forget. Therefore, the best recommendations to Ricco.

World class ! Never have I had a week with so much intense concentration , exciting and up-to -date information , advice and guidance – and then live a teacher . Ricco – respect!

You are inspiring from start to finish – no hitch at any time. You are absolutely fantastic teacher , very committed and get my best recommendations !

Dear Ricco ! Would like to say personally THANK YOU for a great experience the last several weeks! You are absolutely superb ! I actually missing words … I did not expect that it would make such a big impression on me , to sit in the classroom.

I was somewhat paralyzed Thursday – despite jog to try to wake up … So great to be enriched with all your expertise in a very professional way – the best of my assessment . Thank you !

See you next course. Pass by! Best regards Jette

Ricco has given me invaluable knowledge and fine tuned what I already knew so that I’m bursting with knowledge and ideas on how to succeed as an entrepreneur! Thank you so much – you know your stuff!

WARNING! In this course you will be blown away by useful online media marketing for your business and your employees. I am now going out to convert my new knowledge to a job. Big THANKS to Ricco for your professionalism and presence!

Good teacher with sharp angled knowledge – that you can use immediately.

The teacher is great at getting everyone in the group to understand the topics and programs worked on during classes. Although all students start at different levels, the level is high and no one gets lost along the way. I have gone from an open rate of 29% in my newsletter to 42% and my click through rate has gone from 3% to 10%.

Thanks for a super course. I’m sorry I was not on such a course many years ago. I have really been inspired to work more with online marketing and web shops.

I think it ‘s crazy that in such a relatively short time can learn so much!

I have clearly gained a better understanding of online marketing and has gained a lot of tools that I can take with me and work on.

As vacant gives it something practical and tangible that you can use in applications and interviews. So although it is time consuming, so it clearly has been worth it , and I give the course my warmest recommendations.

I think that the teacher was super good. Ricco is good to explain things in a simple and understandable way !

Grease with guidance on good plugins for WordPress, as it may well be a bit of a jungle.

Some of the review of social media and campaigns seemed a little heavy, probably because they themselves were not ready to make campaigns. However, it was fat enough to have it reviewed.

If you are, like I was, completely green regarding online marketing, this course is really an eye opener. Great getting to grips with all the fancy concepts and actually understanding the action behind.

You do this, through the introduction/ use of smart utilities that really HELPS one through geeky aspects, such as is of course the case with SEO.

Pleasant and competent trainer on top of this

Very good and committed teaching. It has been a pleasure, inspiring and not to mention educational to participate in the Online Marketing course.

I highly recommend this course.

Thank you Ricco for inspiring and engaging teaching. It has been a really good experience.



Great course! Professionally talented and inspiring teacher … I’m sorry it’s over!

The course addresses those who have worked with website building before and who wish to expand ones knowledge of the use of social media, online strategy and email marketing.    Thanks for now. Great experience and inspiration for me.  #thank you :-)

Fantastic course. Skilled teacher :)

Good course, very compressed and important to use right afterwards, learning only happens when you subsequently get to use and work with it,

This course has clearly given my CV a boost with regards to the skills online marketing, SEO and web communication.

Inspiring and highly relevant. Thank you for a great course!

I now feel much more updated within the online area, so I am much better equipped – with regards to job interviews among other things.

Get a basic introduction to online marketing and receive tools to further develop – can definitely be recommended! Thank you so much for a great at educational course!

Both the pace and the bar is set high from the get go. It is therefore important that you have some background knowledge as a student.

I am very grateful to have been part of this! Many thanks for a great course!

It is a very effective course containing a lot of knowledge in a short time

Fantastic course if you want a good perspective as to how online marketing functions. All in all a fantastic course with lots of good information. We have received a lot of input that now need to be digested. It has provided a good insight into how important it is to focus on online marketing. Now it’s just getting started applying it and thus becoming better at using some of all the things we learned.

That one gets incredibly well equipped to work with the online marketing of companies. The course was extremely interesting and very instructive! Thank you for a great great course! It has really provided me with the skills I needed for my CV according to my job wishes.

World class teachers, and really useful.

The course has been a great help in developing my skills in online marketing both conceptually and practically.


It has also helped give my application process and my CV a great boost.

Very competent teacher, commitment that rubs off, high level, good sense of humour. Thank you!

The course was a real eye-opener for me! After six weeks with the teacher Ricco I can now determine which type of online marketing each company uses, as well as improve upon it!

Fantastic course that gives you a view of online marketing in its entirety :)

A “must to have” course if you want to take your business seriously. Thanks for now :)

For you who operates an online business, you learn here how to make it a money maker. Who would not like to have such.

Bruno Høiberg

Very good topics.

You get a lot done in a short time.



Very inspiring! Thanks for that :)

It was really instructive course , exciting and talented teacher .

Learned a lot about some things that I have never heard of before. The course met all my expectations I had and more.

It helped me a lot and pushed me started with what I want to do .

It has been so great to be on a course where you have been taught by such compent people. It has been incredibly inspiring and one now has a great desire and motivation to carry it out in real life.

Fantastic and very giving course. Thank you very much…

The course provides you with tangible and practical knowledge that you will benefit greatly from your job. The course gave me good skills to my resume .

The course is very rewarding taking the time constraint into account. We have been around a lot of things, some not as in depth as others, but the insight and the introduction was sufficient, so that one can continue to work on it independently. And there are no topics I would have done without.

The online marketing course deals with very many intersting aspects

I had searched numerous jobs in a half years without getting an interview. After I have gone on the course , I have been to four interviews in three weeks.

Super interesting course that I can definitely use in the real world. Am happy to have chosen to take this course, as it has given me an enormous insight into a large and relevant area.

You get a really good introduction to how you can use a variety of tools within online marketing – it’s up to you how you use that knowledge! Super interetsing material with lots of future possibilities :)

Hold tungen lige i munden! Her er et kursus der er pakket med så meget know-how, it will blow your mind :)

I’m very satisfied with the course in Online Marketing. I have taken so much with me that I look forward to being able to use in my next job function. The teacher is extremely professional and competent, which is reflected in the skills I now possess.

I have gained great insight into a lot of different topics relating to online marketing. I feel well prepared to apply for positions where these skills are required. Would love to recommend it to others.

It is an extremely useful course provided by a highly competent master.

It is most appropriate if you have worked with or face having to work with online marketing .

It is important to have a good and student relevant and interesting case to start with .

It is a great curriculum and to sniff for many different facets of online marketing. I highly recommend it :-)

Very satisfied with the course and I have learned a great deal I did not know I needed to know. Can be recommended.

Intensive course where you are introduced to, and get hands-on experience with all the major tools within online marketing.

Awesome – fantastic – great and leading! The 4 function values​​, and there could well be more! Every day has been an eye opening experience, and Ricco is absolutely fantastic at conveying very exciting material. I can only pass on my warmest recommendations, and will definitely send a message to other future students: Do it!

It’s right on the money, and the team behind are incredibly competent. I give thanks for now! Thank you so much for 6 fantastic weeks :o)

A course that dresses you for jobseeking so you know what the terms stand for. And I think Ricco managed to make it fun to learn about such a new area.

Good understanding of online media and tools.

The perfect bridge from studies to professional life

I have been presented to a lot of tools I did not know existed, and that I do not know I would have found in another way.

I have never learned so many new things in such a short time. Very educational and lots of content that also requires a lot of homework.

Best suited for entrepreneurs who have mastered their niche as the teaching is largely based on case work.

A super course leading the course participants all around Online Marketing. Ricco was incredibly good at making the material understandable. Of course, it was sometimes a bit “nerdy”, but this is probably also necessary in order to look at every facet of Online Marketing. Thank you for making ​​it understandable and applicable!

Super online marketing course, this can be highly recommended.

In a modern world where social media plays an increasingly important role every day, few people, who want to position themselves and survive as a company, will be able to live without the insight and the skills achieved in online marketing with Ricco Mortensen.

Thanks for som fantastic weeks in your skilled and energetic company. I miss you already……


Ricco is in a class of his own. Rarely does one meet such competence. Anything he touches can only turn out well.

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