The enrolment is open for the 12-week course

The enrolment is open for the 12-week full-time digital entrepreneurial educational programme.

This education is a result of my many years of entrepreneurial teaching and mentoring experience transformed into the best-optimised business building, growth and lifestyle development programme.

It’s the perfect choice for the entrepreneur dreaming about making great profits using digital technologies.

And if you want to be a laptop entrepreneur with no requirement of your physical presence – this programme is an even better match.

Only 12 entrepreneurs are accepted and 2 seats are already taken.

There’s a reason I only take 12 people. I want to ensure I can give you my full attention to develop your unique business.

My job is to work with you on your business during the programme in order for you to reach your goals and dreams in the smartest and quickest way possible.

Each of the lucky entrepreneurs will have me as their head teacher and personal mentor.

In addition to that – industry experts will be flown in to teach and personally guide you in building teams based on born abilities, create good copywriting, and produce stunning online videos.

Do have a read about what the 12-week entrepreneurial educational programme looks like.

P.S. I’m also proud of our built-in social events. The intense programme is more than just learning digital marketing skills. It’s also about building a valuable network for life, and learning how to live a money-making laptop entrepreneur lifestyle.

All the best,

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