The mission

Speaking engagement with Ricco Mortensen

As my vision has always been helping as many entrepreneurs as I possibly can, I have founded the Ricco Mortensen Foundation, a non-profit educational organisation dedicated to teaching highly-driven people around the world how to succeed in online business.

I believe that where there are drive and ambition there is a success. With my wide range of knowledge, a wealth of life experience, and unique approach to building online businesses, those educated by Ricco Mortensen Foundation are guaranteed to live inspired lives full of financial freedom and personal meaning.

I have an uncanny ability to see the potential in others and bring their ideas to life. This message is at the heart of Ricco Mortensen Foundation – to help individuals unleash their inner fire and recognise their potential so that they build online businesses that are unique to them.

I intend to motivate, inspire, encourage and help people overcome obstacles, allowing them to see their way clearly as they confidently and effectively build or run their own highly successful online business.

In order to do all of this and much, much more, the foundation offers advice in online marketing and digital nomad lifestyle, private mentoring, public lectures, educational events and training programs – encompassing all the actions steps necessary to build your business and have fun in the process!

Because my goal is to teach as many entrepreneurs as possible, all profits earned – after paying employees and administrative costs – will be re-invested for the creation of new educational activities and projects that serve the vision of the foundation, a vision that will live on for years and years.

Kind regards,
Ricco Mortensen

Chairman of the board
Ricco Mortensen Foundation