The ultimate digital strategy for you business

There are two techniques that will make sure you don’t get left behind in today’s digital world and also help you increase your revenue in the process.

The first technique is called “Defining your personas”

A persona is an in-depth breakdown of some very specific people’s key characteristics such as their hobbies, education level, age and sex.

But you need to be very specific.

Not just females between 30-40 with higher education, for example.

A good persona could be Lucie, female, 34 years old, have a son named Oliver age 3, loves spinning for sports, lives in central Berlin (meaning she’s a city girl), has a Masters in Business Marketing, is married to John who is a Senior Sales Manager at a high tech company, she loves city holidays, loves the Bones TV series and loves high fashion clothing (John thinks she spends too much!).

We then get to the most interesting part… what are her challenges and obstacles in life?

How can you describe your product or service in a way that makes Lucie think “Oh, that’s just what I need”.

Some business only has one persona, but most have a few and others have sometimes 10-15.

Some personas will be primary customers, others could be a primary customers partner, others could be people that will never purchase anything from you, but are the best brand ambassadors.

Yep, you might need to create that many personas!

Why? Using these very specific personas in all your marketing creates a magical effect: The prospect feels like you are speaking directly to them, they feel an affinity to your brand.

And the best part – it results in higher sales. It’s not just something I am predicting. Your tracking and sales stats show you that I’m right!

The second is called “Digital platform prioritisation”

It is important to only focus on a few digital platforms to grow your business or brand.

This is because if you are a small entrepreneur, you simply don’t have the resources to be here, there and everywhere. Even larger business is having trouble mastering each platform just right.

As the old saying goes “The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither”. To prioritise and optimise the effectiveness of this, take into account 2 things:

1 – Which platforms are growing year by year.
Currently, the fastest-growing platforms are Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.

2 – Which platforms are most popular with your personas.
So, it’s not what platforms you like. It’s what your various personas like!

For example, young men do not use Pinterest that much, and old women are not on Snapchat.

Use the size of the platform and how popular it is with your target audience to determine which one to spend the most time on.

Then once you have decided on which platforms are best, push out free content to help educate your audience.

When you’ve built enough value with your audience on a platform, you can post a special deal or offer, which will convert much better than if you had just asked for the sale upfront.

Voila! That’s your guide to increasing your revenue.

Do you feel it’s a burden to create your personals, manage all the digital platforms and then actually implement everything and still keep the flow going…?


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