Three important reasons why you should join my course

If you would like to learn how to run your business online more simple and get things to run on autopilot, then the course is just right for you.

You may even have a little dream about becoming a digital nomad (running your business online without having to be a specific physical place all the time), then the course is even more for you.

Here are three important reasons that make this digital marketing course a great choice:

Reason 1: The course is over a whole week

The course lasts a whole week from Friday to Friday.

This means, you really have the time to work with what you learn between the teaching days.

Over the four teaching days, you’ll design your digital strategy focusing on freebies and autopilot, building/adjusting your website that will bring you leads, create an automated email flow that gets people to buy your products or service and finally create online ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.

This is a complete course package on how to make money on autopilot using digital techniques.

When you go home, you’ve built it all and the first leads should already start to come in.

Reason 2: Everything is (almost) included in the price

The price includes everything except your flight ticket (if you fly in from abroad), accommodation, breakfast and evening dinner.

And if you during a break, wish to have a drink with a small umbrella in, then my team will serve you just that ;)

Check with your favourite airline for a cheap flight to Malta airport and we’ll pick you up.

Reason 3: A mentorship session also included

You also get a mentorships session, only you and me – where I will focus exclusively on your business and your life.

I will help you design your entrepreneurial life differently and how to get your business make money on autopilot in the digital world.

I’m quite sure you have some specific dreams and goals. I’ll help you to make a realistic plan for them so they can be realized.

Do you already know you’d like to attend the course?

Then book your seat immediately and get the entire package for only €1.000.

The number of seats is limited to only 12 entrepreneurs.

It can hardly get any easier to actually get the changes you are just dreaming about right now.

If you are not quite ready yet, read all about dates and the digital marketing course content


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