To be honest, I was a huge nerd loving to code

The core of any successful business online is the website.

It’s the centre of a good digital flow.

I had spent hours using different software, website builders, creators and coding from scratch. 

To be honest, I was a huge nerd loving to code!

Over the years, I’ve found tools out there that are amazing, simply works and is a time saver.

And for sure I’ve also tried systems that are, well… not too great.

I found my home when I started to build websites using WordPress.

The custom, creative and well-equipped platform that would enable me to do exactly what I wanted.

This from design to integrations with other systems and all the in-between.

My website and my other projects are all built on the WordPress platform and I have never turned back coding from scratch.

This is where I would really like to offer you something special.

Something that will save you a lot of time and money – and it will cost you nothing at all.

You could be spending hours surfing the internet trying to find courses and tutorials to build your website.

Some courses long, some short, some great… and some… not so great.

Trust me! I went through this long process

It took me a very long time to get my project websites just right.

Well, I’m also a perfectionist ;)

I’ve learnt quite many tips and tricks over the years – and I still learn new great things.

My background in coding and digital technology allowed me to find shortcuts, tools and tricks to build a site fast and efficiently.

I then thought hey… surely others could benefit from the knowledge I’ve learnt and to have them apply it to their own website.

I’ve created an intense entrepreneurial course

The course includes teaching on how you go from a concept idea of a good-looking website, to purchasing a domain name, to design and make it look nice, and how to charge peoples payment cards for your services.

I’m are here to teach, share and help you and other entrepreneurs grow and develop.

I want to empower entrepreneurs like you to make the right decisions in your life and business.

I want you to make a change and make a positive difference in the world!

Of course, a website course doesn’t bring all of that to you overnight… but it for sure does help you on the way.

Click here to see if the digital marketing course is something for you