What is the best WordPress hosting provider?

One of the important elements of being a digital entrepreneur – is to have your website running smoothly 24/7.

I recommend the web hosting firm WPEngine to host your WordPress website with their state-of-the-art superb service and all the nice and cool functionalities you ever need.

It’s like having the best total service package for your car. And of course, you must outsource this part of your business to the right experts.

It is an absolute no-go for you to handle all the technical hassle all by yourself (as most web hosting providers let you do)!

You need to do what you do best – and that is not fooling around in MySQL databases and other really techy stuff.

But, I believe their pricing of €42 per month is somehow pricy for an entrepreneur. Too much to be honest.

At least if you are in the start-up phase where thousands of Euros don’t automatically hit your bank account each month.

Would you be interested in “sharing” a WordPress website subscription with other fellow entrepreneurs?

I did have a chat with one of the high ranking lads at WPEngine and they are willing to let us split the bill between entrepreneurs.

I tried to negotiate a really good discount coupon for you – but I wasn’t all that happy with the level of discount.

They would “only” give you 20% discount on the first payment. I was looking for an ongoing low-cost solution for you.

You can pay a subscription directly to them with 10 sites for €84 a month. So, if you have 8-10 sites it will be financially attractive for you to sign up with WPEngine directly.

If you only have one or a few site – this sharing solution is something for you.

Of course, your site and the other sites are completely separate.

I’ll get one from my team to handle all the practical. It will cost a bit for the manpower to get your site account set up plus the card fees for the monthly transactions.

Just to be clear – this is not something foundation make any huge profits on.

I do this because I believe you as a digital entrepreneur deserve the best at a fair cost. It’s my job to find those good solutions!

We’ll handle the ongoing payments while you handle your site and the support directly with WPEngine as if you signed up for them directly.

WPEngine is, in my honest opinion, the best of the best when it comes to running your WordPress site.

I and the foundation have used them for our WordPress site and projects for many years and it has really been a true pleasure having it run stable, fast and with great service when you need it.

Even I, as a techy online geek, use their great support once in a while. It is a fast, friendly and effective service. It’s like the service at a 5-star luxury hotel. And that’s something I really like ;)

And time is money…

You might be thinking this: Oh my, it’s so complicated and time consuming to move my site…

Nope, not with WPEngine. One of the great fancy things you get is their few-clicks migration plugin.

With only a few clicks, you can move your complete existing WordPress site to WPEngine with no hassle. Quite smart, huh?

Normally, this will take hours if not days with a huge site.

Another great thing is their cooperation with the Let’s Encrypt project offering free SSL certificates.

You need an SSL certificate on your site to encrypt the traffic. And that is even if you don’t have a webshop with card payments!

Google is already listing all sites running without an SSL certificate as “non-secure” in their search results and in the Google Chrome browser.

Sites without an SSL certificate also rank lower in search results.

You don’t want that to be the first impression for your visitors or customers, right?

With WPEngine you can get your SSL certificates for free and they are issued and installed from the admin area with only a few simple clicks.

And please don’t let your existing web hosting provider charge you big bucks for your SSL certificate.

Ahh, WordPress web hosting life is so much easier with WPEngine.

And this is just a few of the great features included with a WPEngine subscription.

You can join this superb solution for only €19 a month.

It’s under half the price compared to paying for one site directly with WPEngine!

Would you like to “share” a WordPress website subscription with other fellow entrepreneurs?

Click here to start your entrepreneurial-friendly shared hosting subscription

P.S. You can always request to have your site(s) moved to your own WPEngine account whenever you wish. E.g. if you get many sites and it is more financially attractive to pay the big site package yourself.

P.P.S. If you are one of the 12 entrepreneurs joining the 4-month Professional Diploma starting in February – you are getting 12 months free site hosting with WPEngine. It’s just one of the many savings you get… just saying.

All the best,

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