Why you should join my next course in Malta

Here are 5 good reasons why you should consider attending the digital marketing course for entrepreneurs.

1. Get away from everyday life

I’m quite sure you’re familiar with the drill of having to do the grocery shopping, the kids might need to be picked up, perhaps doggy needs a walk and the laundry needs to be done.

And then you better also spend some time with your grandmother, your partner and then spending an hour or two surfing the web or Netflix.

It’s easy to get drawn into the everyday hustle and bustle.

The problem with this hamster wheel is that it – for most people – makes it hard to make room for thinking big thoughts and making long-term plans for yourself and your business’s future.

2. Sun, warm climate and great surroundings

Spending time in the sunny and warm climate gives you energy and new inspiration.

It makes the course experience extra good that you will be in some of the most beautiful surroundings Malta has to offer.

At the same time, you get the mental space in order to focus and not least develop your business.

Honestly, when did you last had the time to do just that?

Get a taste of the free entrepreneurial lifestyle – you’ve always dreamed of – that actually can become your reality relatively easy.

3. Community with like-minded digital entrepreneurs

Only 12 ambitious entrepreneurs are allowed on the course.


A group of exactly 12 people is the optimal size to create diversity with different issues while creating a unique community

You will go home with new friendships and contacts, which you definitely will benefit greatly from the years ahead.

4. You are allowed also to relax a bit and enjoy Malta

There is also time for you to relax a bit in the beautiful surroundings.

Have a sit at the beach, relax and enjoy the sun’s warmth while enjoying the crystal clear blue water while thinking – wow, this is really nice!

Get the time to think about the things you’ve learned throughout the day, but also how your future life and business really should be like in the future.

Once in a while, we’ll take a break from it all. Then we take a drive to explore what Malta has to offer, both in terms of nature, lifestyle and culture.

5. What you’ll get out of the (maybe slightly soft) elements along with the hardcore technical skills

The course of one week is intensive.

And you should only participate if you are keen to learn something new, to execute your digital plan and to develop yourself.

This is not just relaxing to get a tan on your cheeks! – It’s just a side bonus.

I’m sure you have a goal with your business.

Maybe it’s to double your turnover?

You might want to learn how to design your own great website, build your email marketing flow, create online ads that work and make it all play well together?

Or change your online business to run on autopilot in order for you to spend your precious time on something else (or take some time off)?

But do you really have the necessary knowledge to develop an effective digital strategy that suits you and your business?

And perhaps even more importantly, do you have the right technical digital skills that make it possible for you to get things done quickly and smart?

Unfortunately, the answer for most is a “no”!

The above is exactly what you will learn on the course during the intensive week.

You’ll learn how to do things yourself, you’ll understand why you should do them and how to use digital tools to make money online.

Do you already know you’d like to attend the course?

Then book your seat at the digital marketing course immediately and get the entire package for only €1.000.

The number of seats is limited to only 12 entrepreneurs.

It can hardly get any easier to actually get the changes you are just dreaming about right now.

Yes please, I’m ready to invest and get the whole digital marketing course


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