You can’t send a letter if you don’t have the address

Let me ask you a question…

How can a postman deliver letters if he does not have the addresses?

As a business, you need to be able to communicate ongoing and directly to your possible buyer providing them with information and knowledge.

This simple yet very important piece of knowledge is something that a lot of business do not think about when they hope for customers to fall into their lap.

Through trial and testing, I found a very simple mechanism for getting a prospective client’s email addresses.

It is honest, simple and I am going to teach you how

Two more questions for you:

1. What value is your product or service bringing to your customer in the long-run?

2. Why are your product or service the right choice for them based on what they need?

With this in mind, create a simple (can be a low cost) piece of golden information.

Something you can offer your prospective clients without paying anything.

I want you to create an ebook, a video, a podcast, a series of emails or something of a similar nature that holds true (educational) value.

Something that gives your potential customer an insight into your (or your product’s) unique abilities and gives it to them for free.

This is called a freebie

You can offer this freebie for example when people visit your website or running online ads.

Have a look at how I created an ebook freebie (you might already have downloaded it):

8 mistakes even the most experienced online entrepreneurs make and how to make money by avoiding them.

Click here to download this freebie and see how I’ve done it

It’s not about you…

When creating your title for your freebie – do remember that people are as such not interested in your product itself – but the change the product actually makes for them.

Write about what change your product or service can bring.

Of course, you should also talk about the technical side of a product when relevant to the reader.

Do it as a way to picture why your product or service is a perfect match for the change they are looking for.

If it’s hard for you to get the right title and/or text – then you then a conversion copywriter.

Someone who can do magic with text in no time and that understands the important psychological-emotional triggers getting people to act.

I always get assistance from my conversion copywriter to do my titles and important headlines!

I’m good at writing and many other things, but I will never be a natural-born expert conversion copywriter.

It’s about outsourcing your life and do what you do best.

Get their email address

When you offer a freebie – be sure to have people provide you with their name (the first name is just fine) and their email address.

Don’t just upload it for everyone to download without asking for their email!

You’ll then use an email marketing system to handle the ongoing communication on autopilot.

Doing this will give you direct access to your potential customers and most importantly – you own your leads.

You can reach all of them when you want too.

Quite smart, huh?

The importance of owning your leads

Having people like your Facebook page or follow any of your other social media platforms don’t give you ownership of your leads.

On top of that, as you might have noticed, organic reach on Facebook is down to an average of 2-4% for each post.

That means if you want to reach the other 96-98% you have to pay to have your followers see your post.

And you cannot plan a good, long, and automated flow educating your potential customer about your product or service.

Social media platforms are great for branding, not for building sales (I’m talking about organic normal posts, not the paid ads).

Implement the freebie mechanism today to start building your mailing list with the right audience.

An audience with contact details you own and can fully control!

P.S. If you have just begun your online adventure, begin by creating the freebie, create a one-page website, and then create an automated communication emails flow.


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