You might lose all you have worked for

You might lose all you have worked for

If you are starting to wonder why I teach what I do, I am literally giving every bit of knowledge I have accumulated over my many years of teaching, consulting and running my own business adventures.

This is a great question, it is this where I feel I am different

I founded a non-profit foundation with the purpose of helping entrepreneurs around the globe to succeed.

Yep, it’s a real registered non-profit and charitable foundation with board members and everything with me as the Chairman.

The purpose clause is:

The foundation’s purpose is through educational activities to help entrepreneurs achieve insight, knowledge and success with their business and at the same time increase life quality of living as an entrepreneur.

A foundation has no shareholders, meaning there is no one to profit from it.

The team and I are simply getting paid (with fair and normal rates) to do what we love doing while supporting the foundations’ purpose.

All the profits in the foundation are reinvested in creating new educational activities for the wider good.

Why is it like this?

Because I wanted to do something bigger than just me making money

Have entrepreneurs go out and achieve their dreams, make things happen and make a difference in the world.

I truly want to enable entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

I honestly believe we all have the capability to live the life of our dreams – no matter what that is.

You might want to have a slow and easy digital nomad lifestyle exploring and travelling the world while making good profits for yourself. Fine!

Or you might want to build a huge business with offices around the world and then selling it to an investor a few years later for a few million bucks. Fine!

It might sound a bit cheesy. But it’s true!

The last thing I want is for the following to happen – if you don’t learn the right skills and implement them into your business:

  • You will waste time doing things you don’t need to do and waste money where you don’t need to spend it.

  • You will make the wrong decisions, slow down your business growth and financially suffer.

  • You will end up being overloaded with work, not living the life you want and your business will take over.

  • You will end up implementing the wrong things at the wrong time and you will end up having to close your business (or go bankrupts!).

I apologise if that came across a bit hard, but this is what I see happen all the time!

I’ve seen it countless times with new and growing entrepreneurs.

They don’t understand how to connect the dots and they put their business at unnecessary risk.

I think it’s so sad!

Let me put this into perspective for you

I want to give you the tools, tricks and tip that will truly enable you to on day one make vital changes to your business.

Watch it grow, develop and create more income with less effort.

I actually want to give you everything so clear, concise and applicable that you never have to see me again…

Yep, I said that.

That’s how confident I am in what I teach

I could sell you countless add-ons… But I don’t want too.

No, I want to give you the knowledge you need so you don’t need to contact me ever again!

Maybe just to say hello and let me know how much more you are making, share your success stories and to invite me to your new luxury home ;)

I’d like to invite you to take a look at my digital marketing course designed especially for digital entrepreneurs.

But only look if you are an ambitious entrepreneur.


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